Pre-owned Gear

Quad 405-2

Stereo Power Amplifier

Quad 34

Stereo Preamplifier

McCormack DNA-1

Stereo Power Amplifier

Sold $849
Martin Logan CLS

Full Range Electrostatic Speakers

Sold $699
Focal Cobalt 816S

Floorstanding Speakers

Mission 780 Argonaut

Classic British Speakers

Sold $399
Yamaha A-S2000

Integrated Amplifier with MM/MC Phono

Cambridge Azur 650A

Integrated Amplifier

Onkyo A-7

Integrated Amplifier

Sold $399
Monitor Audio RX FX

Surround Speakers

Siltech London MXT

Analog Interconnect

Adcom GDA-700


B&W Diamond 800 D2

2015 B&W Flagship Speaker - Less than two years old!

Focal Electra 1007 Be

Bookshelf Speakers

Sold $1,649
B&W Matrix 1 Series 2

Beautiful Vintage Speakers

Sold $349
Original Stillpoints Isolation Cones

Isolation cones from the folks who do it the best

Musical Fidelity V-Link II

24bit 96kHz Asynchronous USB to S/PDIF Converter

Primare I22

Integrated amplifier with DAC

ADS L300e

Bookshelf Speakers

Tracer Technologies CTP-2000

Flat EQ Phono Preamp

Meridian 598

DVD Audio Player

Meridian 568.2

Digital Surround Sound Processor

Paradigm Studio 40 V3

Bookshelf Speakers - Stands Included

Sold $699
Marantz 140

Power Amplifier

Sold $499
PSB Synchrony One B

Top Shelf Bookshelves From PSB

Sold $749
Martin Logan Script

Wall Mount Electro Static Speaker 

PSB Stratus Gold

Floorstanding Speakers

McIntosh C32

Stereo Preamplifier

Sold $899
Naim Hi Cap

Upgraded Naim power supply

Sold $499
Naim CDX 2

Single Disc CD player

Sold $1,599
Rotel RA-12

Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Sold $599
Panamax MX5102

Power Conditioner with UPS

Sold $199

Floorstanding speakers

Sold $1,399
Bryston 7B-ST

ST Series Mono Block Amplifiers

Sold $1,999
Dynaudio Contour S 1.4

Bookshelf speakers with matching stands.

Sold $1,499
Supra LoRad

Power Cable

Kimber Kable Hero

Analog Interconnect.

Creative Labs

Digital Interconnect

Sold $119
Cardas Cross

Highly Regarded Speaker Cables

Sold $615
Straight Wire Serenade

Analog Interconnect

Rotel RB-1080

Power Amplifier - 200 Watts Per Channel 

Sold $499
Musical Design D-75.3B

Power Amplifier - 75 Watts Per Channel 

Sold $399
Oppo BDP95

Universal Player

Sonus Faber Cremona

Floorstanding Speakers

Sold $3,899
Ayre Acoustics K-1Xe

Reference Quality Stereo Preamplifier 

Sold $4,299
Sumiko S.0

Ultra Compact Subwoofer

Sold $299
Sony SCD-1

The SACD Player

Sold $1,899
Electrocompaniet ECD1

DAC From Fine Norwegian Builders

Sold $849
Magnum Dynalab MD100

FM Tuner

Sold $699
Magum Dynalab 205

Signal Sleuth - FM Antenna Amplifier

Bel Canto REF-500 Monoblocks

250 WPC Monoblocks

Sold $1,899
McIntosh MHA100

Headphone Amplifier

McIntosh MVP901

Blu-ray Player

Sold $0
McIntosh MCD550

SACD/CD Player

McIntosh MA8000

Integrated Amplifier - 300 Watts Per Channel 

Vandersteen VCC

Center Channel Speaker

Sold $299
Technics SL-1200 MK2

Professional Turntable

Sold $699
McIntosh C22

Vintage Tube Preamplifier

ebay $1
Sansui 881

Vintage Receiver - 60 Watts Per Channel

Adcom GFA-565

Solid State Monoblock Amplifiers - 300 Watts into 8 Ohms

Sold $1,199
Adcom GFA-555

Stereo Power Amplifier - 200 WPC

Kenwood 9940

Vintage Quad Receiver

Nakamichi DR2

3-Head Cassette Deck

Sony F707ES

Integrated Amplifier

Sold $649
Cambridge DacMagic

Upsampling DAC

Sold $129
Bellari VP129

Tube Phono Preamplifier / Headphone Amplifier

Sold $179
Musical Fidelity X-Can V2

Headphone Amplifier with Tube Stage

Musical Fidelity M1 HPA

Headphone Amplifier with USB Digital Input


Marantz 2330B

Classic Vintage Receiver

Kef LS50

Highly-Praised Monitor

Sold $999
Anthony Gallo Reference Center

Reference Quality Center Channel Speaker

Anthony Gallo Reference III

Reference Quality Speakers with Subwoofer Amplifier

Marantz 4100

Vintage Quad Integrated Amplifier

Sold ebay $1
Rega Planet

CD Player

Sold $249
McIntosh MR77

FM Tuner

Sold $529
Marantz 2270

The classic receiver

B&W CM1 S2

Wonderful bookshelf / stand mount speaker from B&W

Sold $469
Kef 105/3

Beautiful vintage Kef floorstanding speakers

Sonus Faber Chameleon T

Beautiful floorstanders from Italy's Sonus Faber

Sold $1,549
Goldenear Triton Two

Highly regarded floorstanding speaker

Sold $1,899

Tube Integrated Amplifier

Sold $1,699
Primare I32 with MM30

Integrated Amplifier with Media Board

Sold $1,999
Enlightened Audio Designs TheaterMaster Ovation

Home Theater Pre/Pro


Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MC240

Vintage Tube Power Amplifier

Sold ebay $1
B&W DM7 mkII
Sold $399
Systemdek IIX

Minimalist Turntable

Sold $449
Sansui 5000X

Vintage Stereo Receiver

Thorens TD125 MKII

Classic Turntable with SME 3009 Tonearm

Sold $799
Revox B 252

Stereo Preamplifier

Sold $499
McIntosh MR78

Classic FM Only Tuner

Puresonics 402C / 410C

Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

Sold ebay $1
Marantz Model 4400

Quadraphonic Receiver

Sold ebay $1
AudioQuest Type 6

Pre-owned Speaker Cables

Sold $98
AudioQuest Pikes Peak

Pre-owned Speaker Cables

AudioQuest Jaguar

Pre-owned Analog Interconnect

AudioQuest Hawkeye

Pre-owned Coaxial Digital Cable

AudioQuest Diamondback

Pre-owned Analog Interconnect

AudioQuest CV-6

Pre-owned Speaker Cable

AudioQuest Mont Blanc

Pre-owned Speaker Cable

Quad ESL 63

Iconic Electro-static Speakers

Sold $1,199
NAD T973

Seven Channel Amplifier

Sold $729
PrimaLuna Prologue Premium

Current Model Tube Integrated Amp

Sold $1,699
Sansui AU-9500

Flagship Integrated Amplifier from Sansui

Sold $699
Kef 107

Reference Series Speakers

Sold $1,499
PSB Imagine XA

Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

B&W 805S
Sold $1,699
Quad L-ite Subwoofer
Sold $499
Kenwood KA-907

Rare Integrated Amplifier from Kenwood

Sold $1,199
Sansui 9090

AM/FM Receiver

Sold $599
Revox B77

Classic Reel to Reel Machine

Sold $699
Tice Power Block

Iconic Power Conditioner 

Nakamichi PA-1

5 Channel Power Amplifier

Jolida JD-102B

Tube Integrated Amplifier

Sold $569
Genelec HT205

Bi-Amped Powered Monitors

Pioneer SX-1080

AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Sold $899
Audio Research LS17 SE

Reference Quality Tube Preamplifier

Sold $2,299
Nakamichi Dragon

The Holy Grail of Cassette Decks

Sold $1,299
Auralic Aries Extreme
Sold $900
B & W CDM7Se

Excellent floorstander from famed manufacturer.

Sold $799
Crown D150

Classic power amplifier from Crown. Comes with wood case. 

Kharma Matrix P150
Kharma Matrix MP150
Organic Audio

4 Meter Balanced Interconnect from Organic Audio, a division of Argento Audio.


Vintage Tower Speaker

Sold $429
Emotiva XDA-1

DAC and Preamp from budget minded US builder.

Emerald Physics 100.2 SE

Stereo Power Amplifier

Sonus Faber Liuto

Elegant Floorstander 

Sold $2,999
Akai GX-285D

Beautiful Vintage Reel to Reel from the Innovators at Akai

Focal Electra 1007-S
Sold $1,799
Linn Sondek LP12

The Standard in Audiophile Turntables. 

Sold $1,299
McIntosh MC501 mono blocks, 500w
Sold $6,400
McIntosh CC2200 tube preamp
Sold $3,399
NuPrime DAC-10h

DAC with High Quality Headphone Amplifier

Sold $999
Carver TX-11a

Acclaimed AM/FM Stereo Tuner

McIntosh MC275 MK V

Classic Tube Power Amplifier

Sold $3,899
Marantz 7t vintage preamp
Sold $599
Monster M2.4 S BiWire with Monster Lock connectors

8 ft pair and 10 ft center channel, with bananas and spade lugs

Monitor Audio Radius 90
Thorens TD 125 MK II

Unassuming audiophile turntable

Sold $699
Rega Planar 3

Iconic Turntable

Sold $399
JBL Apollo C51

Rare and amazing speakers from JBL

Sold ebay $0
Myryad MXA-5150

5 Channel Modular Power Amplifier

Paradigm CC370 V4

Center Channel Speaker

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