Pre-owned Gear

N E W (Nirvana Electronic Works) LP-3

Tube Phono Stage

Benchmark Media Systems DAC1 PRE

2-Channel 24-bit 192-kHz Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter with Preamp Functions and USB Input

Concept 11.0

Late 70's Pacific Stereo 2-Channel Receiver


Classic Vintage Loudspeakers

Paradigm UltraCube 10 v.2

Powered Subwoofer


3.5 Way Floortstanding Loudspeakers - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- NEW PRICING

KEF LS50W Wireless - Closeout!

Wireless Music System

KEF LS50 (not meta) Closeout!
Three models to choose from - one pair of each available!
Duntech Classic Series Statesman C1000

Tower Loudspeakers

Krell KAV-280p

Remote Controlled Stereo Preamplifier

Kharma Elegance

Active Subwoofer with DSP

Pioneer SX-1250

Amazing Vintage AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Audience Adept Response aR6

High Resolution Power Conditioner

M2TECH HiFace EVO 2 w/remote

384/32 and DSD D to D Converter

Carver M-400a

Magnetic Field Power Amplifier

Arcam Solo Mini

Music System

Cambridge Audio azur 640A V2.0

Great Value Remote Controlled Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MC250

Vintage Solid State Power Amplifier

Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170

Audiophile Stereo Integrated Digital Amplifier with all upgrade modules

McIntosh MC-60

Vintage Tube Monoblock Amplifiers (Pair)

Sold $2,999
Carver TX-11

Asymmetrical Charge Coupled FM Detector

Monitor Audio Silver RX6

Floorstanding Speaker

B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) DM 3000

Vintage Floorstanding Speakers

Rotel RQ-970BX

MC/MM Phono preamp/equalizer

Adcom GFA-555 (Pro Version 1)

200WPC High Current Stereo Power Amplifier w/ Rack Handles

Infinity Kappa 7.1 Series II

Famous Tower Loudspeakers

MartinLogan Theater

Reference ESL Center Channel with Stand

GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL

Center Channel Speaker - Perfect Match for Triton Series Towers


Tower Loudspeakers

Rega Elex (non r)

Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Klipsch SW-311

500 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Panamax M5300-EX

11 Outlet HT Power Conditioner

Rega Radio

AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Adcom GFA-5400

Stereo Power Amplifier

Quad ESL 2812 with Townshend Seismic Podium Stands

Famous Electrostatic Speakers -SALE PENDING

Belles 150 A by Power Modules, Inc.

Two-Channel Power Amplifier - UPDATED PRICING!

Yamaha NS-10M

Famous Classic Bookshelf/Studio Monitor Loudspeaker

Niles SI-245

Stereo power amplifier

dbx 3BX Series 2

3 Band Dynamic Range Extender

Audioquest Red River Balanced Analog Cable

1.5 Meter

Rotel RB-956AX

6 Channel Bridgeable Power Amp

Audioquest Monsoon

Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation 3-Pole 4.5m AC Power Cable


Three-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

MartinLogan Script i

Stereo/Theater Front/Surround On-Wall Electrostatic Loudspeaker


Stereo Power Amplifier

Parasound P/PH-100

Phono Preamplifier

Naim StageLine

MM Phono Preamplifier

PSB Stratus C6

Center Channel Speaker

Cyrus / Mission Pre and Power
PSB Synchrony Two C

Center Channel Speaker

Esoteric Primus


TimePortal Audio Silver Series

.75 meter XLR balanced cables

AM/FM Tuners

Sale on lots of demo and used Tuners!

Call for details and availability


Center Channel Loudspeakers

Sale on lots of demo and used Center Channel Speakers!

Call for details and availability

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