Weiss DAC502

dsp d/a converter and network renderer


"Not only is the Weiss DAC502 possibly the best DAC we've ever heard, it's relatively affordable compared with other high-end competitors. It packs in every possible feature and extra convenience you could want, and then some, and is future proofed with its "upgradeability"- What Hi*Fi (UK) - Read the rest of the review here.

Some say this is the best dac that they have ever heard! And Andy and Joe agree. Do you need to know more? Of course.

This was made in Switzerland by Daniel Weiss of Weiss Engineering Ltd. From the beginning in 1985, the company focused on the development and production of digital audio equipment for pro mastering studios, used by Sony Music in New York. among others. In 2000, they began working in High-End Hi-Fi market as well.

As a true pioneer of digital technology, Daniel Weiss was honored with the Technical Grammy Award by the Recording Academy in March 2021 for his contributions to the evolution of digital audio.

This model does so many things, and does them all nearly perfect... if you are going to really demand the best dac we know, then you should take the time to read up on it's features here.

Price listed is for the full width DAC with DSP, 1/4" and balanced headphone output

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