GoldenEar SuperCenter X

High Performance Center Channel


The most affordable and most compact model, the SuperCenter X, incorporates a D'Appolito Array of two of our newly developed long-throw 5-1/4" bass/midrange drivers surrounding one of our signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeters. It also utilizes a top-mounted pressure-coupled quadratic planar low frequency radiator that both extend the bass response as well as provide the bass/midrange drivers with ideal acoustic loading and damping.

Since the top-mounted passive radiators put out a very low frequency pressure wave, they only require an inch or two of clearance above them so they can be placed in cabinets/wall units if. Sonically, the SuperCenters offer the same lifelike, highly detailed, high-resolution, smooth, open, boxless sound quality that our SuperSat centers are famous for, but with additional low frequency extension and greater power handling capacity for greater dynamic range and impact.

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