Revel Performa B-15a - NOW ON SALE $899!

Powered Subwoofer


In nice condition - a small amount of wear on the edges. Original box, packing and manual are not included. SO THIS IS LOCAL SALE ONLY!

The Revel Performa B15a powered subwoofer system combines an outstanding 15-inch subwoofer with a 1,000-watt (rms) amplifier, capable of 1,400-watt peaks, for tremendous bass output. Moreover, the B15a subwoofer’s stylistic form and compact size provide a surprisingly prodigious output and unprecedented tonal accuracy, even in the deepest octaves. Impressive features include a built-in 3-band parametric equalizer and adjustable crossover so you can customize and adapt this system in a wide variety of applications. This tremendous flexibility results in superb integration with any Revel loudspeakers, or other manufacturers’ speakers.

The Revel Performa B15a powered subwoofer system features a unique transducer that combines brute-force capabilities unprecedented in home loudspeakers with a new level of low frequency nuance and refinement. Combined with the huge internal power capability, the result is a new standard of superb bass performance and adaptability for home entertainment systems.

To ensure uncompressed dynamic range, each B15a features a subwoofer with the following attributes:

• A 3-inch (76 mm) diameter, four-layer voice coil with 23 gauge copper wire is wound on a dual-laminated Kapton former for extraordinary power handling and freedom from compression.

• Extremely long-throw voice coil is capable of 2.5 inches (64 mm) of peak-to-peak linear excursion, and 3 inches (76 mm) of maximum excursion for uncompressed reproduction of deep sustained bass notes.

• A massive, 130-ounce (3.7 kg) magnet system produces 1.4 tesla of flux in the gap.

• Ultra-rigid Kevlar® pulp and alloy composite cone with an inverted metal dome operate as a perfect piston under all reproduction conditions.

• Modulation rings and a machined “T” pole-piece for extremely low distortion.

• The heavy wall, cast aluminum frame maintains alignment between the magnet structure and the moving elements, while offering excellent rigidity to eliminate basket resonances.

Each Revel Performa B15a contains an electronics section with the following attributes:

• An extremely low-distortion, 1,000-watt (rms) amplifier with 1,400-watt burst capability produces peak bass output up to 126dB at 30Hz in an average-sized listening room.

• Inaudible protection circuit to guard against thermal overload.

• Three independent parametric equalizers with variable frequency, bandwidth, and level controls allow you to precisely tailor the room response and tame unwieldy acoustic anomalies.

• 2-way crossover with variable frequency and phase controls and selectable slopes allow ideal response matching with other audio system components

The Revel Performa B15a cabinet is constructed of 1-inch (25 mm) thick MDF wall, optimally designed and internally braced with the aid of laser interferometry, for reduced cabinet-induced colorations. Adjustable spike footing is attached to the bottom of the cabinet for optimal stability, accommodating installations on tile, hardwood, and carpeted floors.


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