Naim NAP 150

Stereo 50wpc Power Amplifier

All pre-owned product is tested in our service department and have been passed for sale... and comes with a 90 day warranty!

In very nice condition!  A few small marks on the top panel from other gear being stacked on it.

Original box and packing are NOT included, but we will pack carefully. In production 2001-2004. Full specs are last image.

Great sounding amp!

"In summing up, the Naim 150 is slightly warm and a sounds a touch soft. It also imbues music with unparalleled propulsive forward momentum and rhythmic drive. The rhythm and melody always make sense. The Naim gear is unfailingly engaging and always gets across the musical message with emotional wallop. It extracts this message from any quality recording, an important consideration for music lovers. While high-quality recordings sound very good, poor recordings remain listenable and musically engaging. If you're in audio burn-out hell, the Naim combo could be the perfect musical antidote. From a sonic standpoint, the Naim gives good soundstage depth with discernable layering and solid images. Image size is life-sized according to the recorded perspective. Soundstage width extends well outside the speakers on recordings that have that ability." 6moons 12/2003  Jeff Day

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