GoldenEar Invisa SP 652

StereoPoint 6-1/2" Round In-Ceiling/In-Wall Stereo Loudspeaker


Similar to the Invisa 650, the Invisa SP 652 is a very versatile all-in-one stereo speaker, which, when both channels are paralleled, also makes a great bipolar surround speaker as well as an in-ceiling height speaker. Solidly constructed of a marble-infused polymer, the unitized construction actually has the high-definition wide-dispersion dual-wound voice-coil 6-1/2" driver constructed as an integral part. Special care has been taken to minimize deleterious diffraction effects that are common in many other stereo speakers that sink the drivers deeply into the structure. The two superb, but costly, HVFR tweeters are mounted in a special acoustically optimized high-frequency pod with a precisely calculated angle to maximize stereo coverage and radiation into the room. Two complex crossovers incorporating the highest quality components are utilized to precisely blend the drivers for seamless exquisite sound quality. There is also a high-frequency equalization switch to precisely match the SP 652 to any environment. Cut-Out Size: 7-1/8" dia. Depth: 3-7/16".

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