everSolo DAC-Z8

All-in-one High Resolution DAC, fully balanced Preamp and High Performance Headphone Amplifier.


An amazing piece at this price - excellent build quality and performance!

Here is just some of the tech info:

DAC-Z8 is an all-in-one DAC, fully balanced preamp and headphone amplifier. With the integration of XMOS 316 and ESS flagship ES9038 Pro DAC chip, DAC-Z8 is capable of decoding up to DSD512, PCM 768Khz@32Bit and MQA and ensuring D/A conversion with low noise and distortion.

DAC-Z8 analog circuit has imported the multi-channel shunt compensation technology. 8 OPA1612 correspond to 8-channel output for I/V signal conversion, then output to 2 channels in parallel. In addition to high-precision resistances and fully balanced circuit design, it helps amplifying XLR, RCA and headphone output signal lossless, improving channel separation, dynamic range and the sound integrity.

There are diverse inputs for hi-res digital audio decoding for DAC-Z8.

USB DAC input can be connected with computer and streamer;

Type-C is to connect mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets;

Optical and coaxial are to connect streamers and CD players.

DAC-Z8 can also connect mobile devices by Bluetooth, just like a a Bluetooth decoder, it is BT 5.0 and supports APTX HD, LDAC.

The professional headphone driver circuit in DAC-Z8 has excellent audio indicators and strong driving force, which means DAC-Z8 can be used as a high-performance headphone amplifier and drive 16-300ohm HiFi headphones, with both high and low gain output options.

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