GoldenEar Bookshelf Reference X (BRX)

Award Winning Reference Class Bookshelf/Stand-Mount Loudspeaker


Now a HiFi News (UK) Outstanding Product for 2022!

GoldenEar's BRX (Bookshelf Reference X) speakers have turned heads in the audio world for delivering fidelity, bass response, and a huge soundstage that smaller speakers usually just can't give you. They're a testament to GoldenEar's effective research and development and their incredible effort to create an affordable speaker (all things considered) that rivals others costing thousands more. 

The BRXes are built with trickle-down technology from GoldenEar's high-end Triton speakers. The cast-basket used for the midrange/woofer is almost exactly the same as what the Triton Reference has, as is the HVFR™ (High Velocity Folded Ribbon) tweeter. Two flat passive bass radiators are mounted on the left and right sides to give the low-end some punch.

A pair of these stand-mount speakers can deliver three-dimensional, audiophile-grade sound for your two-channel music system, and they don't take up a lot of space —perfect small-to-medium-sized rooms, or even near-field desktop listening. Or, if you're rocking a set of Triton towers, you can use them as your side or rear surround speakers and have a world-class home theater system.

GoldenEar's proprietary HVFRT tweeter is one of the company's favorite achievements. It uses neodymium magnets to squeeze and pressurize the air between its high-density Kapton film diaphragm's folds.

The no-resonance and low-distortion design helps the tweeter reach an astonishingly high 35,000 Hz while keeping a smooth, detailed response at all volumes. There's almost no moving mass and, as a result, the tweeter isn't subject to the piston-like issues (namely, "wobble" or distortion) of traditional dome-style tweeters. Since it has a much larger surface area, the tweeter dispersion is much wider and the soundstaging is excellent.

The 6" midrange/woofer is made of a special polypropylene blend specifically developed by GoldenEar for their high-end Triton towers. It also features a proprietary cone curvature. Both of those help to keep the cone light, quick, and excitingly clear. On the back of the driver, you'll find a powerful, high-gauss magnet that keeps the in-and-out movement of the speaker strong and stable.

Twin rounded rectangular bass radiators mounted on the left and right sides of the cabinet help the BRX achieve its surprisingly strong bass output, and they give the speaker what GoldenEar calls an "inertially balanced configuration." By that, they mean that cabinet vibrations are minimized since the two bass radiators' frequencies cancel each other out inside the box, keeping internal resonances very low.

Product highlights:

6" cast-basket reference mid/bass driver

High-Gauss Reference HVFR™ (High-Velocity Folded Ribbon) tweeter

two rectangular side-mounted passive radiators

frequency response: 40-35,000 Hz

recommended amplifier power: 10-250 watts

sensitivity: 90 dB

impedance: 8 ohms

5-way binding post speaker terminals

removable magnetic grille

8-1/16"W x 12-1/8"H x 12-1/4"D

weight: 12 lbs.

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