Marantz TT15s1 - We still have this in stock!

Reference Quality Turntable with Clearaudio Virtuoso Cartridge

The resurgence of vinyl comes as no surprise to musicians, audiophile reviewers and critical listeners alike, who've long preferred the sound of analog for its warmth, musicality and acoustical realism. Marantz has known this for a long time, as we introduced our very first audiophile turntable more than 50 years ago. The Reference Series TT-15S1 carries on the tradition, and features a unique combination of purist audiophile design and advanced leading edge materials that together combine to deliver the ultimate music listening experience.

A solid plinth belt-drive design (the preferred turntable drive system), the TT-15S1 features a chassis and platter made from dense glass cast PMMA acrylic composite that has inherent vibration and resonance deadening capabilities, which helps the TT-15S1 deliver an astonishing 80 dB signal to noise ratio. Equipped with a reference class anodized aluminum manual tonearm, the TT-15S1 comes with a top-class MM cartridge from Clearaudio and features a precision AC synchronous motor in a massive die-cast housing that thoroughly suppresses motor vibrations, delivering its smooth torque to the thick, heavy platter via a continuous loop (joint-less) silicon belt. The anti-skating system features magnetic compensation instead of a weighted system, and features precision adjustment. The adjustable counterweight is continuously variable and has precise weight adjustment indication increments of 0.1g.

The included phono cartridge is the top-class Clearaudio Virtuoso MM model which features an ebony wood body that resists resonances along with a specially polished diamond stylus, lightweight aluminum cantilever and highly effective cartridge damping. The turntable rests on 3 solid aluminum feet that are height adjustable, ensuring stability even on slightly irregular mounting surfaces.

Along with assembly and adjustment tools, the TT-15S1 comes with everything you need, including the "Clever Clamp", a felt slip mat, a tonearm height shim (for use with the mat), white gloves, bearing oil and a spare silicon belt.

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