Thorens TD-125 MK I (Modified)

Famous Vintage Turntable w/12" tonearm and dustcover


All pre-owned product is tested in our service department and have been passed for sale... and comes with a 90 day warranty!

In nice condition for it's age. Includes Tonearm and dustcover. Specs are last image. Original box and packing are NOT included, so this is LOCAL SALE ONLY!

One of the most famous Thorens ever made!  First Intoduced in 1968. Three speed!!!

NOTE: NO cartridge is included!!!  (ignore the one in the pix) We can help you pick out a suitable cartridge for purchase when you come in to the store.

The TD 125 used for the first time an electronic control for the 220V 16 pole synchronous motor, achieving an excellent running smoothness and speed stability. Isolated tonearm for minimal shock intreaction and a solid state control system are just a few of its features. Later updated w/ the MK II version. Google this model - there is a lot of info out there!

This has been mounted in a different base than the original with a different dustcover. The tonearm is 12" SME 3012 with SME headshell.

The wood base and turntable have flaws.


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