Tandberg TPA 3006A

Vintage Stereo High Current Power Amp


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In nice condition. Original box and packing are NOT available, but we will pack carefully. Image with white backgroud is stock. Last image are the specs. Sorry, that this unit was not fully cleaned before the pix were taken.

Circa 1984-85. Made in Norway.   2 x 150w into 8ohm

This was the world's first zero feedback MOSFET amp, that coupled with their Constant Source Impedance Driver Stage, acheived a class A performance in a small efficient A-B Amp. The high current output stage (25 amps/channel) is kept linear with their Voltage Comparator Circuit that ensures low distorsion without negative feedback.  Also features excellent output stages and an efffcient torroidial transformer.  DC is elminated from output stages with their Thermic Servo Loop.

There is a lot of technology in this unassuming looking power amp!

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