Sony PCM-M1

Portable Professional DAT recorder w/ case

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This is the best Sony portable DAT yet! The PCM-M1 weighs in at less than 2/3rds of a pound but gives an impressive 3.5 hours of recording time (when record monitor is not in use) - perfect for field work and sampling. Some unique features that make this the best Sony portable DAT ever include a special DSP dynamics control that's ten times more effective in reducing distortion than circuits used in earlier models, self-adjusting mic attenuator, flexible Start ID options, and a superior mic preamp (3dB improvement). Analog input is via a stereo mini-jack with a Mic/Line switch. Digital I/O is on a 7-pin connector jack that's remote-control compatible and S/PDIF compliant.

Portable DAT recorder that can run on (2) AA batteries (3.5 hrs)

Records at either 44.1 kHz, 48kHz for LP mode

Built in Mic limiter

20dB attenuation switch for Mic input

Recording level can be automatically or manually set

S/PDIF i/o (requires RK-DA10P coax or POC-DA12P opt, not incl)

Copy code write is adjustable

Mic/Line In & Line Out on 1/8" mini jack

Headphone jack 1/8"

A VLS protects listener from excessive volume

Low Power consumption mode preserves battery life

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