Rothwell MCL

Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer


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In excellent condition. Includes original box, packing, and manual. Made in the UK.

Featuring Swedish-made Lundahl transformer cores, meticulously designed primary and secondary loading networks, and multiple primary and secondary windings configured to cancel hum pickup from external sources, the Rothwell Audio MCL step-up transformer plays with superb sound and elevates low-output MC cartridges to their full potential. We're talking models from Lyra, Koetsu, Ortofon, Audio-Technica, and more. MCL's step-up ratio (1:20) and impedance (100 ohms input; 47k optimum load) make it compatible with a wide range of MC cartridges for use with MM phono preamplifier inputs. Wide bandwidth, low distortion, and 26dB (x20) voltage gain further set this glorious component apart from the competition – and promise to dramatically enhance your analog listening pleasure

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