REL Acoustics REL R-305

10" Powered Subwoofer


In nice condition! Includes manual and cable. Original box and packing are not included. Price when new = $1595!

The R-305 offers absolutely stunning speed, power and low frequency extension in a compact, elegant and reasonably priced package.  The R-305 integrates seamlessly with any speaker, large or small and greatly improves tonal balance & texture, sound stage dimensions and three dimensionality.  Despite its relatively small size, the R-305 is capable of deep rolling bass, with fantastic growl and sustained low frequency notes, acting as if it was a much larger woofer. 

What makes this little powerhouse our most recommended and best selling REL is its uncanny ability to convey the physical sensation of listening to real instruments. The R-305’s speed, presence and tremendous reach into the lower octaves allow the system to transcend its capabilities and become more physical, more palpable and more real.  This sonic magic has made REL Sub-Bass systems revered the world over; what makes the R-305 such an incredible value is that until now RELs that could perform this feat have never been this inexpensive, compact or elegant.T he sub-bass driver used in the R-305 has a large motor structure and magnet assembly mounted to a rigid cast basket frame.

Enclosure Type: Sealed box
Crossover: 25Hz to 100Hz
Input Connectors:
   Neutrik Speakon - High Level
   Phono - LFE
   Phono - LINE
Amplifier Type: High-Speed, High-Current, Digital Switching Amplifier
Input Impedance
   High Level: 150KΩ (Two Channel Unbalanced)
   Low Level: 33KΩ (LFE Unbalanced)
   Line Level: 10KΩ (Unbalanced)
Input Sensitivity
   Low Level: 40dB
   High Level: 22dB
Drive Unit: 10" Heavy Duty Long Throw Cast Frame
Power Output: 300 Watts RMS
Phase: 0 and 180 Degrees
Voltage: 117VAC @ 60Hz
Protection: Over Current, Over Voltage
Fuse: 3.15Amp Slow Blow Small
Dimensions(WHD) 12.5x14.25x13.5 includes feet, controls and grille
Net Weight: 41lbs

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