Rega Apollo

Top Loading CD Player/ Transport


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This version originally came out in 2006 and is in very nice condition! Includes original box and packing and factory remote control.

Highly reviewed, a bit head of it's time when it came out.. and it still sounds wonderful!

Stereo Times called it " Breakthrough Musical Performance from CD "

Read the Stereophile review here.

The Apollo can play redbook cd’s, CD-R, MP3’s and even WMA files and uses the highly acclaimed WM8740 Sigma Delta 24bit DAC from its previous partners at Wolfson. The output amplifier operates in “Class A” and this amplifier is said to improve after an initial fifteen minutes warm up each time the player is first turned on.

The Apollo has a digital out and can also be used as a transport only.


Laser : Semiconductor Laser

Wavelength: 780nm

Line Output Maximum Level: 2V-(load impedance minimum10k-ohm)

Digital Output Maximum Level: 0.5V (load impedance 75-ohm)

Digital Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz

Digital output jacks: RCA, optical. Analog output jacks: RCA.

Dimensions: 17" W by 3.9" H by 10.5"  D. Weight: 8 lbs 

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