Pioneer HPM-100

Famous 4-Way Loudspeaker (1976-79)

In excellent condition for their age. In a walnut finish. Original box, packing, (we promise to pack carefully) and manual are not included. Last three images are from original brochure:)

A highly sought after model.. these speakers ROCK! 

The Pioneer HPM-100 is a 100 watt, 4-way, 4-speaker bass-reflex system with a 300mm carbon fibre blend woofer and high polymer super tweeter.

Pioneer's success with its unique cone material called carbon-fiber blend is now well known and the realistic sound of Pioneer speakers owe much to its use. Because the material is lighter in weight than comparable cone paper type materials, but ideally rigid it responds more trouthfully to low frequency impulses.

High-Polymer Super Tweeter: There are five outstanding advantages of this unique super-high-frequency driver unit which make it the ideal transducer: Its semicylindrical form covers a wide 180 degrees range ending conventional tweeter directionality. Its ultra-thin, high-polymer film diaphragm vibrates in a "breathing motion" over its entire surface. It is effectively damped by elastic materials to prevent the deterioration of its best characteristics and to end excessive harmonic distortion. It has a high power handling capability  Its sound is crisp, natural and clean

Computer Determined Cabinets and High Efficiency Networks: Having the best loudspeakers serves no real purpose unless the cabinet design is well planned and incorporates crossover networks of the highest quality. The crossover network, using metallised paper capacitors and ferrite core coils assure gentle crossover slope of 8 dB per octave. Pioneer has chosen two different techniques of cabinet design; bass reflex and infinite baffle type. Each technique has been perfected and is chosen to fulfill every specificeventuality, the cabinet itself was designed with the assistance of computers in scientifically determined structural assembly.

Enclosure type: bass-reflex, 4-way, 4 speakers


1 Woofer: 300 mm (12") cone

1 Midrange: 100 mm (4") cone

1 Tweeter:, 45 mm (1¾") cone

1 Super-Tweeter: high polymer

Crossover frequency: 3000/4000/12,000 Hz

Frequency range: 30 Hz - 25 kHz

Sensitivity: 92,5 dB/W at 1m distance

Operating power (to get 96 dB SPL at 1m distance): 2,1 W (DIN)

Music power: 100 W (DIN)

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms

Dimensions (W x H x D): 390 x 670 x 393 mm (15⅜" x 26⁶/₁₆" x 15¹⁵/₃₂")

Weight: 26,7 kg (58 lbs 12 oz)

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