Paradigm Studio 100 v.3

Award winning Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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In Sycamore finish. The cabinet has seen some wear as shown in pix and has been priced accordingly. Note: some of the scratches do not show in the pix. BUT - these are highly reviewed Paradigm speakers - so they still sound great.

Original box and packing is NOT available, so these are LOCAL SALE ONLY!. Specs are the last image.

The Studio 100 models have become a classic and known for excellent sound at an affordable price.

"...the Paradigm Reference Studio/100 v.3 offers superb performance with a clean, neutrally balanced presentation and powerful low frequencies. Its lowish impedance will require some care taken with choosing an amplifier or receiver, but set against that will be its above-average sensitivity. This is a true full-range audiophile loudspeaker at a much lower price than you'd expect to pay for a similar design from a boutique brand. Highly recommended." Stereophile

LOTS of Features:

High-Frequency Drive Units Designed, engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America, these remarkable drivers exhibit the timbral clarity and transparency otherwise associated with the best electrostatic or ribbon designs. Sonic reproduction is exceptionally smooth, detailed and free of spurious resonances.

G-PAL™ Gold-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Domes: Exceptionally rigid low-mass domes with treated textile suspensions ensure remarkably uniform and instantaneous power response. The elevated position of the dome provides better ‘air’ and frequency response that is smooth, pure and clear.

Die-Cast Aluminum WaveGuide™ Chassis and Phase Alignment Bridge: Promote maximally flat response, wide dispersion and accurate phase across a wide listening window.

High-Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis: Eliminate mechanical flexing and ringing and provide a heatsink for superior power handling.

Dual High-Power Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets: Powerful ferrite/ceramic magnet structures promote an extremely high field force in the magnetic gap and increase overall thermal mass for greater power handling.

Advanced Motor Structures: Ferro-fluid cooling and damping, high-temperature voice coils and ventilated Apical™ formers ensure superb accuracy and reliability, as well as exceptionally linear response.

Midrange and Bass Drive Units: Designed, engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America, these highly refined drivers are virtually free of unwanted vibrational resonances, cone standing waves and micro distortions. They offer stunning midrange clarity, superb resolution of inner details and outstanding definition and dynamics.

S-PAL™ Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Midrange and Bass/Midrange Cones: Very high stiffness-to-mass ratio and outstanding internal damping. The result? Remarkable midrange clarity, superb extended bass response and
freedom from unwanted resonances and distortions.

Advanced Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Bass Cones: Highly damped and tremendously rigid, the cones provide tight, well-defined low-frequency response with a weight and authority that does justice to even the most challenging music and movie material.

Advanced Santoprene® Rubber and Synthetic Butyl Suspensions: The elliptical-shaped Santoprene® rubber suspensions allowed us to achieve even lower levels of distortion with deeper and louder bass performance. Extreme linearity, the finest yet in Studio Series, is an important aspect of this design.

Heatsinks and AVS™ Airflow Ventilation System Cooling: Improve high-power handling, ensure ultra-low distortion and result in greater long-term reliability.

High-Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis: Control mechanical flexing and ringing. Since aluminum is non-magnetic, the possibility of magnetic loss is eliminated.

Satin-Anodized Solid-Aluminum Phase Plugs: The phase plug design promotes better airflow for improved cooling and increased power handling while fostering extended frequency response. Critically shaped to further contribute to the exceptionally accurate phase response and wide dispersion.

Die-Cast Aluminum Rear Damping Chambers: Asymmetrically tapered shape eliminates internal standing waves. (Dedicated midrange drivers only.)

Oversize Magnet Assemblies with Symmetrical Focused Field Geometry: Low distortion and exceptional linearity even under extreme conditions.

Advanced Motor Structures: High-temperature multi-layer voice coils with ventilated Apical™ formers provide tremendous accuracy, reliability and excellent linear response.

Reference’ Crossovers: Paradigm designs, engineers and manufactures drive units with ideal response characteristics. This allows for minimal crossover networks. While this ‘simple’ approach requires greater R&D time, it
always produces speakers with superior sonic performance. Paradigm® Reference crossovers are highly refined phase-coherent quasi-Butterworth designs, using  only hand-selected close-tolerance components. These include: Polypropylene capacitors; Precision high-power ceramic resistors; Air-core and laminated silicon steel-core inductors.

Drivers and crossovers are internally connected using superior heavy-gauge HPC™High-Purity Copper wire. High-frequency and low-frequency crossover sections are physically separated to prevent any component interaction. Slopes and crossover points are selected for seamless driver integration, thereby preserving the complex timbral and spatial information of the original performance.

Speaker inputs allow for bi-wiring or bi-amplifying using high-power gold-plated input terminals with heavy-duty jumper bars.

High-End Touches: Beautifully Sculpted Cabinets with Real Wood Veneer Finishes: Add a whole new dimension to the classic appeal of this series. Seven coats of the highest quality lacquer, hand-sanded between coats.

IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System: This unique butyl-rubber driver fastening system found on all Studio Series drivers is a progressive system of critically placed isolation inserts and gaskets that decouple drivers from the speaker enclosure itself. This leading-edge ‘baffle-less’ technology reduces driver/enclosure interactions to inaudible levels.

Removable Grille Assemblies: The latest generation of Paradigm® Reference speakers is designed to sound every bit as clean, clear and transparent when playing with the grilles on or off.

High-Velocity Low-Noise Aluminum Ports: Bass efficiency and minimum turbulence distortion for cleaner and more articulate bass response. Studio 10 features an elliptical port, a functional touch that allowed us to gain a little more and a little deeper bass response, in fact, far more than is typical in such a compact design.

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