The Original Advent Loudspeaker

Famous Henry Kloss Designed Bookshelf Speaker


All pre-owned product is tested in our service department and have been passed for sale... and comes with a 90 day warranty!

WOW! Don't see these around much any more!  Yes, the walnut cabinets have seen lots of wear, (and grille) but the speakers work and sound great. Original box and packing are NOT available... and these are pretty precious, so LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!

Own a piece of Audio History, as these have been listed in the top 100 audio products of all time. Yes, the ARE the ORIGINAL ONES from around 1971.

"And indeed, the Advents did prove to be about as uncolored as anything we had ever heard. No squawk, honk or hollowness, no papery or metallic flavor from disc surface noise, no flabby mid-bass boom. The extreme low end was very deep, evidently good to at least 35Hz, and the highs were extremely smooth, sweet and detailed". They were, in fact, the least-colored loudspeakers we have ever heard, and this includes the highest-priced systems currently available. Probably for just that reason, the Advents proved eminently easy to live with, and sounded equally comfortable and natural at low or room-filling listening levels. Dispersion was excellent and so, as a consequence, was the stereo imaging. Driver blending, too, was excellent, and the speakers did an outstanding job of reproducing the front-to-back perspective in stereo and mono program material. - from the original 1971 Stereophile review

Specs from Stereophile: Two-way direct-radiator loudspeaker. Crossover frequency: 1kHz. Balance control: Tweeter switch selects flat, +3dB, or –3dB. Impedance: 8 ohms. Power capacity: 100W program

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