Nakamichi Dragon CT- Computing Turntable

Computing Turntable - Super Rare Masterpiece from Japan

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In very nice condition! Includes the dustcover.  Last images are from the original brochure and the specs.

We have mounted a new "test" Ortofon OM-10 Cartridge on the tone arm, but this turntable should have a SERIOUS Cartridge. Call us and we can recommend one for purchase that would be more suitable for a turntable of the caliber.

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One of the rarest of turntables to come from Japan with exact production figures unknown.

Circa 1983-1986. Very VERY few were ever made available that's for sure. Carrying the legendary Dragon namesake it wasn't easy for Nakamichi to design and build a turntable worthy of its name. Featuring the one and only "Nakamichi Absolute Center Search System" which actually measures the groove eccentricity of the record, then automatically corrects for true dead center by adjusting the position of the platter!! A truly amazing process to watch as the second arm wand comes out, measures the record with incredible precision, indexes the platter, and finally makes a centering adjustment. Then notifying you it's now completed with a red light.

The DRAGON-CT is Nakamichi's second analog disc player. As its name suggests, this remarkable turntable features revolutionary technology and peformance that sets a new standard of performance in its field, just like the "Dragon" Auto-reverse Cassette Deck. Like the original TX-1000 Computing Turntable, the most unique feature of the DRAGON-CT is the Absolute Center Search System. The principle behind is the same as that of the original system. A special sensor arm is employed to precisely detect record concentricity error, shift the record's axis of rotation, and completely cancel record concentricity error and tonearm wavering for vastly improved reproduction accuracy, musical transparency and stereo imaging.  Musically, the benefits of this unique system are simply breathtaking. Clarity, detail and nuance that was never before heard with conventional turntable systems is brought out of the record's grooves as if by magic. The apparent location of instruments and vocalists in the stereo sound field is made clear and distinct, eliminating the "muddied" sound that results from inadequate separation and stereo imaging.

The DRAGON-CT also boasts superior wow and flutter characteristics thanks to the use of the Nakamichi Super Linear Torque motor. The cogging-free performance it offers drastically reduces flutter, for greatly improved musical transparency. Vibration and acoustic feedback are thoroughly avoided with a dual suspension system which effectively stops surface vibration transmission, and special double cabinet construction that suppresses airborne sound transmission. Designed to maximize the performance advantages of high-grade audiophile cartridges, the DRAGON-CT includes a high-rigidity, oil-damped straight tonearm that maintains the ideal relationship between stylus and record groove, for optimum tracking performance with a wide variety of cartridges.

Nakamichi DRAGON-CT Computing Turntable also features:

Semi-automatic operation

Tonearm pipe is interchangeable

Dust cover supplied

Eccentricity wow is eliminated by the unique Nakamichi Absolute Center Search System

Belt-drive wow is eliminated by the Nakamichi SLT Direct-Drive system.

Direct-drive flutter is eliminated Nakamichi's "cog-free" Super Linear Torque DD motor.

Surface and airborne variations are eliminated by an unusual dual-suspension double-cabinet construction.

The precision semi-automatic viscous-damped tonearm has exceptional tracking accuracy and warp-tracking ability.

One-touch ultra-smooth cueing prevents stylus damage and can be operated with the dustcover closed.

One-touch "cut" control returns the arm and stops the turntable.

Quartz-locked PLL FG servo provides absolute speed stability or ±6% pitch control at either operating speed.

Vertical tracking force is adjustable from 0 to 3 g in 0.1 gram increments. Independent anti-skating control.

500-gram disc stabilizer reduces record warp.
Independent adjustment of each isolator provides convenient turntable leveling.

Drive System:  Direct-Drive

Drive Motor:  Quarts PLL DC, brushless slotless, coreless Super Linear Torque DD Motor

Revolution speeds:  33-1/3 and 45 rpm

Pitch Control:  ±6% adjustment range

Center Search Platter:  Glass platter, 6 mm thickness

Diameter :  303 mm

Weight :  0,55 kg

Main Platter:  Aluminium diecast, 18 mm thickness

Diameter :  310 mm

Weight :  1,4 kg

Turntable Mat:  Rubber

Diameter ;  303 mm

Weight :  550 g

Start-up Time:  within one revolution

Speed Deviation/Drift:  Unmeasurable (with quartz lock0

Wow and Flutter:  0,008% (WRMS/FG direct); 0,03% (WRMS, after center search)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  better than 78 dB (DIN-B)

Inertia Moment:  380 kg/cm²

Power Consumption:  23 W

Dimensions (W x H x D): 21-1/2" x 9-1/16" x 16-9/16"

Weight:  44 lb 1 oz


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