Naim Audio Nait 5

Integrated Amplifier


In nice condition. Includes original box and packing, but does NOT include manual or remote.

Introduced for the first time in year 2000. It was the successor of the Nait 3/3R. In 2003 the Nait 5 was replaced by a Nait 5i.

>completely new, low-vibration, more sophisticated casework in comparison to the old olive series;

>perfect match for small to middle-sized, moderately efficient speakers in an average-sized listening room;

>six micro-controlled inputs;

>upgradeable with a Stageline phono stage and external power supply (dedicated Flatcap 2);

>alone-standing toroidal power transformer 125VA brought by Talema;

>BHC Aerovox power capacitors 2 x10000µF and 1 x 4700µF;

>a total of four power transistors (2 per channel)

>Philips microprocessors, REMtech relays;

>Soundwell fully-motorized volume potentiometer sits on a separate PCB;

Nominal Input Sensitivities (Tuner, Tape,CD,etc) 75mV, 100K
Overload margin, on all inputs at all audio frequencies 35dB
Output Levels,Tape 75mV, 600
Power Output Continuous 8 , 30W/ ch
Transient 125VA
Mains Supply 100V, 115V, 230V 50 or 60Hz
CaseSize (H x W x D) 58.4 x 432 x 301mm

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