McIntosh MC206

Six-Channel Power Amplifier

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Count on McIntosh to provide audiophile-quality power in a multi channel amplifier designed for today’s surround-enhanced 6.1 theater systems. The MC206 delivers a minimum of 200 watts to each of six channels, with plenty in reserve.

ILLUMINATED PEAK-RESPONDING METERS. McIntosh meters respond 95% full scale to a single-cycle tone burst at 2kHz. Response is almost 10-times faster than a professional VU meter. In the MC206, a four-position switch selects the channels to be monitored by the three meters. When the MC206 and MX132/MX134 are linked via the single cable connection, the
correct meter mode is selected automatically. The meter illumination can also be switched off.

EXCLUSIVE MCINTOSH POWER ASSURANCE SYSTEM. Power Assurance is a collection of technologies that enhance performance and reliability and protect the amp and the loudspeakers.Power Guard® clipping protection. Power Guard ensures that the amplifier will always deliver fullpower without causing clipping distortion. If an amplifier channel is overdriven, Power Guard automatically reduces the input volume just enough to keep distortion below 2% and prevent any clipping distortion. Thanks to an optical resistor, Power Guard acts literally at the speed of light, producing absolutely no audible side effects. An amplifier with Power Guard will actually deliver clipping-free output well above its rated power.

Sentry Monitor® current protection. Sentry Monitor continually senses the voltage and current of the output stage and confines it to a safe limit. Sentry Monitor does not limit power output.

Thermal Cutout. If the cooling air is blocked and the power transistors become too hot,  thermal cutouts protect against overheating until the amp cools.

Turn-On Delay. This circuit delays operation for about two seconds after turn-on in order to avoid any pops or thumps generated as other equipment turns on.

Soft Start inrush protection. Thermistors in the power transformer act as a cushion against inrush current, eliminating component stress during turn-on. Soft Start is one of many design details that contribute to the remarkable longevity of McIntosh equipment.

Six-Channel Power Amplifier for home theater systems

Single-cable connection to MX132 and MX134 A/V Control Center + Processor
6 x 200 watts (4 ohms) or 6 x 120 watts (8 ohms)

Frequency Response:
20Hz to 20kHz, +0 / -0.25dB
10Hz to 100kHz, +0 / -3.0dB

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.005% max. at any level from 250mW
to rated output from 20Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic Headroom: 1.6dB
Wide power bandwidth
Ultra-low distortion
Exclusive McIntosh Power Assurance System:
Power Guard® clipping protection
Sentry Monitor® current protection
Thermal Cutout
Turn-On Delay
Soft Start inrush protection
Illuminated peak-responding wattmeters with four-position monitoring switch and auto mode selection with MX132 and MX134
Low-noise toroid power transformer
Remote power control
Gold-plated high-current output terminals
Fanless convection cooling
Modular construction with steel chassis
Glass front panel with illuminated nomenclature

Dimensions (h x w x d) inch: 7.062 x 17.5 x 20

Weight  53 lbs. net / 72 lbs. boxed

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