Mark Levinson Nº333

High Current Dual Monaural Power Amplifier : 300 watts per channel at 8Ω; 600 watts per channel at 4Ω; 1200 watts per channel at 2Ω

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Front, top, and back are in VERY NIce condition. Side heat sinks have seen some wear.

Original box is NOT included, and this a HEAVY Amp, so this is LOCAL SALE ONLY! Specs are last image.

An amazing powerful amp. Full specs are last image. Special Design Features:

Each Mark Levinson 300-series amplifier includes two large, completely independent power supplies—one for each channel. Each supply includes a high capacity, low noise toroidal transformer, and two large, low ESR capacitors in each channel. Since these are true, dual monaural designs, each channel has its own dedicated power supply, The Nº 331 has two 801 VA transformers and four 44,000 μF capacitors!

A truly balanced input topology eliminates the need for an input buffer amplification stage and allows the first stage differential amplifier to be driven directly by the source. Matched impedances are presented to the source and both signals travel through identical circuit paths.

The 300-series power amplifiers operate as virtually perfect textbook cases of a " voltage source.” This is to say that they will maintain whatever the appropriate voltage might be at any moment (given the demands of the music, and within the rated voltage output of the amplifier) without any particular regard for the current demands of the loudspeaker. Because of this “voltage source” characteristic, the 300-series amplifiers double their power output every time the loudspeaker impedance is cut by half. For example, the Nº333’s continuous rated power is 300 watts per channel at 8Ω; 600 watts per channel at 4Ω; 1200 watts per channel at 2Ω—assuming the electrical circuit in the wall can support these extraordinary power levels. A continuous 2Ω test of the Nº333 at maximum power requires about 45 amperes at 120V. (The laws of physics refuse to be cheated. Long-term, you cannot deliver more power into the speaker than you can pull from the wall.)

Thirty-two TO-3 output transistors are distributed in the heatsinks of the Nº 333 to conduct and control the flow of its remarkable power capabilities to the loudspeaker.
There are eight matched, complementary pairs of output transistors in each channel of the amplifier.

The 300-series amplifiers use a proprietary adaptive biasing scheme developed by Madrigal (and first introduced in the Nº 33 Reference Monaural Amplifiers) that delivers the sonic advantages of a Class A output stage without incurring the substantial inefficiencies and consequent thermal problems of pure Class A operation. Uniquely, this adaptive biasing scheme never allows the output devices themselves to be reverse-biased. This approach results in greatly reduced dynamic distortions, and a sweeter sound that exhibits a greater sense of ease at all volume levels.

This amplifier has been designed to be extremely versatile. Should your needs change or grow over time, you may wish to add additional power by one of two means: Bridging, or Biamping.

Dimensions: 17.56" W × 19.11"  D × 10.3"  H.

Shipping weight: 146lb

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