Magnum Dynalab MD205

Signal Sleuth FM Signal Processor/ Antenna Amplifier


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The Sleuth is a tunable RF processor for the 88-108 MHz frequency band. It is capable of applying amplification or attenuation (+ 30dB to –30dB) within this frequency range. To accomplish its task, the Sleuth adds three RF stages to your existing tuner’s front end. This circuitry is designed and tuned to optimize the performance of any FM tuner. The Sleuth has a 600 KHz skirt to help improve the adjacent channel specification of your tuner. Tuning is accomplished using solid state components (varactors) which are controlled by a long-life low noise potentiometer. The signal is passed through the Sleuth’s circuitry when the unit is powered up and the ‘Antenna Switch’ is in the amplify position. When the switch is in the ‘bypass’ position, no amplification is taking place and the signal is fed directly into your tuner.

3 Stage FM tuner amplifier

Unique in the world because it only amplifies the station you are tuned to up to 30 db.

You can also decrease the signal by up to 30 db. If you are experiencing overload from a close station.

Steeply rejects by 18 db. Per octave all other stations

By-pass mode

Tuning knob tunes to the station you wish to amplify

The gain knob allows you to boost the signal or decrease it.

CIRCUIT: 3 varactor-tuned RF stages
BANDWIDTH: Better than 400 KHz
NOISE: Less than 4 dB
SIZE: 17” x 1.75” x 6”


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