Magnum Dynalab MD 90 - Pre-Owned Overstock Sale!

Solid State Analog FM Tuner

List Price: 629.00

All pre-owned product is tested in our service department and have been passed for sale... and comes with a 90 day warranty!

In very nice condition! Original box and packing are NOT included, but we will pack carefully!  Last image are the specs.

Note: This unit does not include the optional Remote or Balanced inputs.

If you listen to FM, this is the ONLY tuner to own! The MD90 was used throughout North America by radio stations to monitor their broadcasts and for remote relays of FM signals.

A little about what makes these special:

The front end of all Magnum Dynalab tuners is an exclusive “in house” designed and manufactured component, we are the only company in the world that does their own R.F. “Front-end”. The reason that we design and build our own front-end is that no other manufacturer can make one that meets our exacting specifications. The importance of a front-end to the tuner is the equivalent of a high performance laser mechanism to a CD transport. The front-end must gather the FM signal and isolate it from the extraneous aberrations inherent in the environment as well as the FM stations adjacent to it. Our rigid criteria for our tuners and their front-ends insure that you get the most out of your FM reception with the highest degree of consistency available in the industry.

To insure that all specifications on our tuners are met at ALL frequencies, we manually align our tuners front-end at three frequencies (92 MHz, 101.5 MHz and 106MHz). This process optimizes tuning performance across the entire FM band, so that you attain the same levels of quality regardless of where you are tuned. These procedures also ensure that the balance between SENSITIVITY, SELECTIVITY and MUSICALITY are maintained. Your tuner is now optimized to reject strong adjacent channel noise, provide more consistent levels of tuning performance across FM band and to have a superior ability to isolate the station you wish to listen to from the extraneous interference of the FM signals.

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