Linn LK 85

Stereo Amplifier


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Linn’s power amplification development offers an efficient, reliable amplifier choice from an advanced, bullet proof and compact design. The versatile LK85 stereo power amplifier is engineered to bring purity of sound and ease of use to a wide range of applications where high quality sound is important. The LK85 is compatible with all other Linn amplifiers and can enhance a dedicated Hi-fi, AV, or KNEKT multi-room sound system.

The LK85 benefits from new integrated technology and high density surfacemount electronics that minimise signal path lengths and maximise both pitch-accuracy and reliability. It can drive any loudspeaker and offer complete stability into any normal loadand produce clear sound with no audible distortion. Through ventilation case work and a fully shielded toroidal transformer permits stacking with other system components.

The LK85 has advanced design features for ease of use in both single amplifierand multi-amplifier passive and full active systems. When stereo active modules are installed, the LK85 self-configures for active playback and all tuning adjustments can be made via switches accessed directly through an aperture in the back panel of the amplifier, simplifying the set-up procedures for a LINN active system. A complete range of stereo active crossover modules is available for Linn loudspeakers.Further useful features include automatic signal sensing for remote power on/off switching. The full protection circuitry against power overload and overheating will also automatically shut down the amplifier before automatically powering it back up again when it is safe.

Key Features

Stereo power amplifer with pitch accurate sound

Advanced control features


85W per channel into 4 Ohms/ 62 W per channel into 4 Ohms/

LK design and compatibility

4 sets of speaker outputs for optimised bi-wiring and tri-wiring

Size: 320mm x 325mm x 80mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 7Kg

Gain: x27 (28.6dB)

Input impedance: 10K

Frequency response: (-3dB) 10Hz-70kHz

Output offset: <5mV

Signal sense threshold: >150mV rms

Standby power consumption: <5W

Maximum input power: 350W

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