Heybrook TT2

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable w/Linn Basik Plus tonearm, dustcover, and FUNK FIRM Achromat Platter Mat


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In very nice condition! Original box and packing are not available, but we will pack carefully. 

Includes Linn Basik Plus tonearm, dustcover, and a $100 value FUNK FIRM Achromat Platter Mat. A Cartridge is NOT included - so contact us and we can recommend one for purchase that would be a great match for this table.

Full feature list is last image!

This precision engineered and hand-built record deck is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of British Audiocraftsmanship, for the best in musical performance at a realistic cost.

The objective was to produce a turntable which accurately extracts information from the groove. This can only be achieved by optimising the performance of each component in the design. A turntable must be seen as a complete electro-mechanical system. The performance can never be better than the system's weakest link. Thus every design detail on the TT2 has been exhaustively developed to ensure a fine blend of quality engineering.

The attractive outer plinth is massively constructed of laminated, high-density particle board. This inert structure has excellent properties for the dissipation of acoustic energy. It is thus an effective shield, preventing unwanted forces from acting on the chassis assembly within. Unlike conventional designs, there is no large air space beneath the plinth to act as a resonant cavity.

The immensely strong but lightweight cast aluminium chassis is mounted on three coil springs. Their resonant frequency of 5 Hz, together with their rubber mounting bushes, ensures total isolation of the chassis assembly at audio frequencies. The robust and rigid nature of the construction gives direct coupling between the chassis, armboard, bearing and platter. Thus a closed mechanical loop is formed within which energy is dissipated in a controlled manner.

The laminated armboard possesses excellent self-damping properties. It also provides a secure base for the arm, and is rigidly coupled to the chassis. This is essential to maintain the correct relationship between stylus and record. The armboard can be supplied ready for most major arms, as well as the Heybrook arm. The Heybrook arm is factory fitted if ordered with the TT2A Turntable.

The high inertia of the heavy two-piece platter gives excellent speed constancy. The inner platter terminates in a hardened and diamond-polished bearing shaft. This runs on a precision steel thrust ball lubricated by a high specification light oil. Extreme care is taken in the engineering and assembly of this close tolerance moving system to ensure exceptionally low wow, flutter and rumble.

Further control is achieved by using a precision-ground drive belt circulating on a close tolerance crowned pulley. The pulley has two steps and speed change is effected by lifting off the platter and manually moving the belt from one step to the other. The pulley is attached to the drive shaft of a low-speed, 24 pole, synchronous motor. This is firmly bolted to the plinth to isolate motor noise from the chassis assembly.

Because the TT2 is designed as a complete system, the excellence of all component parts complement and enhance each other. The sheer mass and strength of the turntable keeps acoustical and mechanical resonances to an absolute minimum. The high quality of the drive system and moving parts ensures exceptionally quiet and stable operation. The extreme solidity of the design enables the arm and cartridge to track the record without being adversely affected by external sources. The resulting sound is clean, detailed and dynamic, with satisfying solidity and weight. Detail resolution is excellent and stereo imagery is precise and with good depth, allowing the listener to appreciate fully all aspects of the music.

Speeds: 33 and 45 rpm

Speed drift: less than 0.1 % peak to peak Wow and Flutter — less than 0.08% DIN peak weighted

Rumble: better than minus 79 dB (DINB weighted)

Chassis suspension frequency: 5 Hz

Finish: Real walnut veneer

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