Great American Sound (GAS) Son Of Ampzilla

80 wpc High Current Power Amplifier


In excellent really clean condition for its age! Original box, packing, and manual are not included. (1977-1982).  includes rack mout handles

When Ampzilla, GAS Company 's first and best-known prod­uct, arrived on the audio scene, it introduced many new ideas and concepts which have since become standard among the products of other contemporary manufacturers. Ampzilla was one of the premier high-powered amplifiers to use fully complementary circuitry throughout. It was soon recognized as a classic design. GAS (Great American Sound Company) came out of SAE. James Bongiorno, a designer at SAE, created a product called the “Ampzilla”, which was originally designed as a construction project for Popular Electronics Magazine!! There was sufficient demand for the product that he left SAE and founded GAS. Over the years, he designed an entire family of preamplifiers and amplifiers that are highly sought after today.

The Son of Ampzilla was created to fill the demand for a medium-powered amplifier with true ""state-of-the-art"" charac­teristics. In both design and performance, it is an unmistake­able offspring of Ampzilla, containing the same fully complementary-symmetry concept and low-level class A operation as its famous "father".In addition to its 4-and 8-0hm operating ability, the Son of Ampzilla is designed to handle 2-0hm loads. This feature is particularly useful for driving multiple speaker pairs. and for expanding the Son's power capability to 300 Watts (at 8 Ohms) when used as a bridged pair. Exceptional stabflity and excellent sonic features have made Son of Ampzilla GAS C':s most popular product.

Power Output ;

80 W rms @8 Ohms @ less than 0.08% 20Hz to 20KHz
150 W rms @4 Ohms @ less than 0.02% 20Hz to 20KHz

Two-Ohm operating capability at 250 Watts per channel

Stability into any load angle from 0° to 90° regardless of load type

glass-epoxy printed-circuit boards throughout

16-Ampere peak-current capability

Total T.H.D. & I.M. Distortion 8 Ohms less than 0.08%

Negligible Transient Intermodulation (TIM) Distortion

Frequency Response and power bandwidth at rated power 0.5Hz to 20KHz - 0.1 dB @8 Ohms

Damping factor: >500@20Hz to 1KHz

Input sensitivity : 1.0 Volts RMS for full power output

Input Impedance: 75K Ohms

Slew Rate: 40V/uS

Noise: >-100dB

Rear-illuminated power-output meters calibrated in Watts and dB's

More than 1000 square inches of convection-cooled heat sinks

Close-tolerance components

Size : 19"(W)x5 1/4"(H)x12"(D)

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