Focal Kanta N°1

Award Winning 2-Way bookshelf loudspeaker - EXCELLENT CONDITION

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In EXCELLENT CONDITION!   Beautiful Ivory mat w/ walnut mat finish. Includes original box, packing, and manual.

Musical, Smooth Performance with Textured Bass, Exciting Dynamics, and Size-Belying Soundstaging Focal Kanta N°1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Will Put Excitement into Your Life!

Incorporating the latest iteration of Focal's Infinite Acoustic Loading (IAL3) beryllium tweeter, Kanta N°1 delivers seductively smooth, fatigue-free high frequencies that will keep you listening late into the evening. Packed with design innovations from Focal's top-of-the-line Utopia and Sopra Series, Kanta N°1 serves as proof that a compact speaker doesn't have to be a visual or sonic compromise.

Built from the ground up at Focal's Saint Etienne, France headquarters, Kanta N°1 uses locally grown flax for its woofer due to the material's incredible durability and light weight. Arranging it in a unique glass-fiber sandwich design enables Kanta N°1 to deliver transients with megabit-like speed. The remarkable control exhibited by the 6.5-inch midrange driver owes to TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) suspension and NIC (Neutral Inductive Circuit) motors – both developed from the company's flagship models. The specialized approach to driver design significantly improves definition and reduces internal resonances. You'll experience startling levels of transparency and control.

Beneath the appealing liquid-glass appearance of Kanta N°1's polished front panel, you'll find cabinetry made of molded, high-density polymer – significantly better at damping vibrations than the MDF commonly used in other speakers. Rounded baffle edges further reduce soundwave diffractions and improve definition. What's more, a wide rear port eliminates dynamic compression and enables flexible room placement options. And an 88dB efficiency rating means Kanta N°1 can be easily driven by a wide variety of amplifiers. Tasteful touches like an elegant, glass-covered top and sonically transparent magnetic grille further make Kanta N°1 a prime example of Focal's commitment to the highest quality fit and finish. Made in France.

"Focal's Kanta N°1 is without doubt a fine standmount loudspeaker. Its excellent drive units meld together well, fitted to a great cabinet, and the result is a bouncy, musical, and engaging sound that's nevertheless couth and refined."
– David Price, Hi-Fi Choice, 4.5-star review

"This little loudspeaker obviously laps up a goodly amount of power, casting a soundstage that belies its diminutive dimensions...The overall result was a beautifully spacious sound that only made me want to keep on listening."
– Nick Tate, Hi-Fi News

"[It's] the most accurate and revealing Focal speaker I've reviewed, while retaining a touch of that liveliness the brand is known for. The result is a speaker that delivers what's on the recording, but with just a hint of fun to its the sound..."
– Rob Schneider, SoundStage! Hi-Fi


1 x 61/2"(16.5cm) Flax bass-midrange with TMD suspension and NIC motor

1 1/16" (27mm) ‘IAL3’ pure Beryllium inverted  dome tweeter

Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 88dB
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 46Hz - 40kHz
Low Frequency Point (- 6dB) 42Hz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 3.9 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power 25 - 150W
Crossover Frequency 2,400Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) (422 x 234 x 391mm)
Net weight (with front grille) 28.1lbs (13kg)
Packaging dimensions (HxWxD)  (610 x 365 x 510mm)
Total weight (including packaging) 33.1lbs (15kg)

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