B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM™1 SE (Special Edition)

Stereophile Recommended 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker


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These are in very nice condition! Original box and packing are NOT available, but we wil pack carefully! See last image for specs.

Looking for a cool Home theater speaker system? Buy these for the front channel speakers, and add the B&W CDM C SE as the matching center channel speaker, and the  B&W CDM 1 SE  for the surround channels. Just add a subwoofer and you have a great B&W system!

See the excellent Stereophile review here.

"The most unusual aspect of its design concerns the tweeter, mounted on a sloped cutaway at the top of the baffle. The enclosure is constructed from ¾" MDF, and is made rigid by a vertical brace at the sidewall centers. I want to call this a "figure-8" brace, except that it has three rather than two holes. The cabinet walls are lined with 1" foam. The reflex port, almost 2" in diameter and 6" deep, is situated on the front baffle immediately beneath the woofer and is flared to minimize wind noise. This HF unit is a metal-dome unit descended from the 1" tweeter used in B&W's classic Matrix 801 design. The 6.5" woofer features a yellow cone formed from Kevlar, the synthetic material used in bulletproof vests. The woofer cone is also surrounded by a circular plastic molding to minimize reflections. The tweeter is covered with a black wire mesh, the woofer and port with an elliptical grille made from black cloth stretched over a minimal plastic space frame."


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