AURALiC Aries Mini

High Resolution Wireless Streaming Server/ DAC


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What is the ARIES MINI? The ARIES MINI Wireless Streaming Node is an audio component whose primary function is to stream digital music files from a source location to your home audio system. It uses your WiFi network to wirelessly access sources of digital music, and offers an array of digital and analog connections for delivering the signal to your system. 

Sharing much of its software and hardware functionality with the ARIES Wireless Streaming Bridge, the ARIES MINI accesses digital music files that are stored on a network-connected server or computer, a physically connected USB drive, or its own (optional) internally installed hard drive. The ARIES MINI can also connect to internet sources such as Internet Radio and Internet streaming services like TIDAL, Qobuz, and others.  The ARIES MINI includes its own digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to convert the digital signal from your files to an analog signal for output, so it can connect directly to your amplifier or powered speakers via its high-quality RCA outputs. If you wish however, you can connect the ARIES MINI to an external DAC using TOSLINK, digital coax or USB digital outputs. 

What Makes the ARIES MINI Unique?  The ARIES MINI stands apart from similar products by providing unusually high-end performance in a very small and affordable unit. 

For starters, the ARIES MINI is capable of wirelessly streaming extremely high-resolution digital music files, thanks to its powerful processing platform. (AURALiC’s Tesla hardware platform is a Quad-Core ARM Coretex-A9 processing chip running at 1GHz with 512MB DDR3 and 4GB of internal storage.) The MINI can wirelessly stream music at resolutions up to Quad-Rate DSD and DXD.  The DAC inside the ARIES MINI also runs on a very powerful chip: the ESS Sabre ES9018K2M. It’s a super-capable piece of hardware usually found in much more expensive gear that makes the digital-to-analog conversion run smoothly and sound great.  The ARIES MINI is also the only product in its class that includes the option of installing a 2.5” HDD/SSD to store music right on the device.

Music Sources:

Music file on NAS or computer

USB drive

Internal storage

TIDAL Qobuz & WiMP lossless streaming

vTuner Internet Radio

AirPlay and Songcast

Bluetooth 4.0
Supported File Types: AAC, AIF, ALAC, APE, DIF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA
Sampling Rates: PCM in 44.1Khz - 384Khz (16 - 32bits) and DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Control Software: AURALiC Lightning DS; OpenHome compatible control software; uPnP AV compatible control software
Media Server Compatibility; Built-in Lightning Server; Compatible with Minimserver, Twonky, Asset UPnP

On-Device Control: Front panel key with user defined function

Input Port: RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Tri-Band WiFi connection; USB 2.0 High-Speed for external USB drive

Output Port: USB 2.0 High-Speed for compatible DAC*, Coaxial, TOSLINK**, Singled-ended line output

Line Output Specification:

Frequency Response: 20 - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB***

THD+N: <0.002%, 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBFS

Dynamic Range: 110dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted

Output Voltage: 2Vrms
Dimension: Appox. 5.5"W x 5.5"D x 1.1"H (
Weight: 1 pound

* 'Compatible DAC' means a DAC does not require a driver to work on Mac OS X
** Sampling rate limited to 44.1K - 192K only
*** DAC Filter Mode set at 'Precise'

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