AudioPrism Power Foundation III

8 outlet AC Power Line Conditioner


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A Stereophile Recommended Component

The Power Foundation III has two ACFX modules, one connected to the six "source" outlets and one connected to the two "amp" outlets. ACFX modules are high-speed proprietary damping circuits. The Power Foundation III uses multiple Pi filters (parallel capacitors and series inductors) that, according to AudioPrism, can "reduce or eliminate reflected harmonic power distortion from home appliances, computers or stereo equipment back into the power line." This infers that the power conditioner is fully or partially (more likely) correcting the power factor of components plugged into it.

Power-factor correction requires a fair amount capacitance in parallel with the primary winding of a transformer (or motor winding). This kind of filtering can be quite effective in many systems. Pi filters are well documented and have been around for at least 40 years, probably longer. However, AudioPrism took the extra steps to perform spectrum analysis on the AC power going into and coming out of typical audio components. They used CAD tools to optimize the tuning of the filter networks to provide the highest degree of attenuation of the noise spectrum that was possible for each of the three Power Foundation models. The filter networks were also designed to minimize any possible interactions between two or more components. Thus, AudioPrism ended up with filtering that is a combination of common mode and differential mode—using a combination of series and parallel elements—built around the Pi-filter model.

Product Reviews:
"Clarity dynamics, imaging, and apparent power all improved substantially, so much so I deemed the Foundation III "essential component" and mailed AudioPrism a check." - Barry Willis, Stereophile Magazine December 1998, Vol. 2 1, No 12

"I haven't tested everything available, but the Foundation line condition with multiple outlets from AudioPrism does a great job of reducing grain and solidifying the overall picture. It was beautiful the way detail was brought out of denser, deeper colors." - Bound For Sound May, 1998


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