Art Audio dm vps

Tube Preamplifier


All pre-owned product is tested in our service department and have been passed for sale... and comes with a 90 day warranty!

In excellent condition!  Original box and packing are NOT available, but we will pack carefully!

Hand-made in the UK, delivering an extraordinary listening experience since 1988

With beautiful non-magnetic, hand-polished stainless steel faceplate and gold plated control knobs

Check out the inside pix of the actual unit for sale!

All amplifying stages are triode and pure class ‘A’

Dual mono toroid transformers ( DM stands for dual mono )

Star Grounding System

Single gain stage with cathode follower

6 inputs (1 high-level CD, 5 line level), 2 outputs, 1 tape monitor

Separate PCBs for each channel

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