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The listing below is only a small sample of the used audio equipment we have in stock, which changes on a day to day basis. Since most of our used stuff is one-of-a-kind merchandise all the gear listed here is subject to prior sale. We'll try to keep this list updated regularly to avoid problems, but if you see anything you're hot for, call us or come in and grab it, 'cause as the saying goes "If You Snooze, You Lose." It's worth looking at the prices again even if a piece was on the page last time you visited since sometimes we'll drop prices on pieces that have been around awhile. It's also not a bad idea to reload the page if the date seems old since your browser might pull a copy out of its cache instead of showing you the most current update.

The "O" column is for Operating Condition and the "C" column is for Cosmetic Condition. All the ratings numbers for cosmetics are on a scale of 1 to 5, with the ratings as follows:

1-Excellent, no scratches or marks
2-Very Good, Maybe a fine scratch or two but no major defects.
3-Good, A few scratches or nicks here or there.
4-Fair, A little banged up but not downright ugly.
5-Poor, ridden hard and put away wet.

As far as condition ratings go, most will always be a 1 since if a unit doesn't work right we don't want to sell it. If you see a lower number it's because something's not functioning correctly on the unit but we don't want to total it because it's not a fatal flaw. Give us a call and we'll let you know the reason.

If it seems as if most cosmetics are 1's or 2's, it's because we try to only put out good equipment, and we've got limited space here to list stuff so we'll try to list the cleanest and most interesting gear.

The "Year" column lists the first year a unit was is production. If there is a second number, that's the year it was discontinued. If there isn't a second number it doesn't mean the unit's still in production, though that's possible. It might just mean we don't know when it was discontinued.

The warranty on all used stereo gear is 90 Days Parts and Labor unless otherwise marked in the Warr. column, and you have the option of trading any guaranteed piece back for the full purchase price for the same 90 days.

This page was last updated on February 04, 2015.

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Various Various We always have plenty of used turntables in stock. Call the Store for more information.   Yes      
VPI & Rega HW-19 Junior
An excellent pairing of tonearm and turntable. Both products are well known and highly regarded. Arm and table are in very good condition. Dustcover is trashed and original owner did an interesting attempt at repairing it; functional but ugly. Turntable clamp is included. 98 Yes 1 2 599
J.A. Michell Gyro SE MkII & Tecnoarm A stunning tonearm turntable combination. Beautiful aesthetics with equally beautiful sound. Turntable is in very good condition. Tecno arm is also in very good condition. Arm has been professionally re-wired with Cardas cable and fitted with a 5 pin DIN connector allowing use of after market tonearm cables. No tonearm cable is included. Has optional dustcover. With original box. No cartridge. 04 Yes 1 2 Sold
Denon DP-47F A beautiful looking, and sounding turntable. Denon has an excellent reputation for producing superior turntables and this one is no exception. In very good condition. 87 Yes 1 2 Sold
Thorens TD-145 Mk II A nice example of this classic turntable. Has been thoroughly inspected and tested by a well qualified technician and is in excellent operational condition including the auto shut off function. Dustcover is in good condition but is missing the upper hinge. Cosmetically good to very good condition; minor cosmetic flaws. 78/80 Yes 1 2 Sold
Technics SL-1200 MK2 Classic turntable. In excellent operational condition, Shows slight signs of age. No dustcover.
82 Yes 1 2 Sold  
Linn LP12 + Ekos One of the most famous and enduring turntables of all time. This table has been heavily upgraded and is a superb performer. Has a Trampoline base, Cirkus bearing, new platter, new dustcover and hinges. The excellent and highly desirable Linn Ekos tonearm is mounted. Has been fitted with an outboard Lingo  power supply. Cosmetically the plinth has a couple of very minor flaws. The Lingo has scuff marks on its top. Overall presentation is very good. Serial number 054801 88 Yes 1 2 Sold
VPI & Graham Aries & Model 2.0   A stunning turntable, tonearm
pairing both aesthetically and more importantly in its audio performance. Tonearm and table are both in very good condition. Tonearm comes with two wands. Optional dustcover and outer periphery  ring clamp are included.  VPI HRX feet installed. Upgrade platter. HRX clamp.. Original boxes and manuals also included.
98 Yes 1 2 Sold

ll prices listed subject to change without notice. We try to be 100% accurate on the list but the occasional typo can get past us once in a while.

We have a Toll Free Number.
If you're outside of the Chicago area call

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