Yamaha NS-10M

Famous Classic Bookshelf/Studio Monitor Loudspeaker


Cabinets have seen some wear, but these still sound great! Original box and packing are not included. Manual is on line.

YAMAHA NS-10M 1978

The original NS-10M was intended for use as a hi-fi “bookshelf” speaker in homes. It became a popular nearfield studio monitor in the 1980’s, after it was adopted by the famous engineer, Bob Clearmountain.

The sheet formed, straight sided white cone (as opposed to a molded or pressed cone), which is aesthetically pleasing, instantly recognizable/iconic, as well as technically advantageous.

Very fast response time (the time it takes to make a sound from an electronic signal), aided by the light weight bass/mid cone and the sealed box design.

Known for Precise mid-range and Extremely low distortion.

Translates well –  tracks mixed on them sound good on many other types of consumer speakers.

Industry standard – because these speakers are in almost every studio on the planet, engineers and producers can go from one studio to the next and know how the monitors work.

Specs are last image.

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