Yamaha CDR-HD1300

CD-R/RW + HDD Digital Audio Hard-Disk Recorder


In nice condition. Includes factory remote. Original box and packing are not included. Manual can be easily found on line.

If listening to music is important to you, Yamaha's powerful CDR-HD1300 component CD recorder is here to make your life a lot more enjoyable. The recorder offers the usual bevy of digital and analog inputs and outputs (so you can copy from CD, MD, DVD, LP, TV, cassette, radio, etc.), but it also has something that'll take both your music listening and your CD recording to new heights: an onboard 80 GB hard drive capable of storing up to 120 hours of high-quality, linear PCM (uncompressed) music and as many as 999 different playlists. You can burn CDs from your playlists or just use them to listen to different tracks grouped by theme or by artist or by any other criteria that strikes your fancy.

High-speed operation (10x ripping from CD to HDD and 4x/8x copying from HDD to recordable CD) and versatile functions make creating your own personal CD collection as easy as it is fun. The CDR-HD1300 is also ideal for professional applications and for anyone who wants high storage capacity for extensive recording, editing, and playback. That's right: the material on the hard disk (HDD) may be edited to suit your use, from titling (CD Text entry via RS-232 connection with a PC) and level adjusting to partial-track erasing, track combining and dividing, and inserting fade ins and fade outs wherever you choose.

Want to make audio recordings from TV programs? Record them to the HDD first, trim the portions you don't need and/or fade in and out (as with applause froma live broadcast), then burn your tracks to a CD in just the order you want them.

Using a component CD recorder maintains audio quality during CD-to-CD transfers and greatly simplifies the process of committing analog sources like tapes, LP records, videocassettes, and radio to compact disc. The CDR-HD1300 uses only recordable CDs marked as being for audio or music; computer-grade data CDs will not work.

One of the CDR-HD1300's main benefits is its commitment to maintaining full digital-audio quality at all stages--no compression is used, whether MP3, WMA, or otherwise.

Among its outstanding features is Audio Master Quality Recording, an exclusive Yamaha CD-recording process that provides playback quality superior to that of the source disc. When creating CD-Rs, AMQR creates bigger pits and lands (the space between pits) than are found on standard CDs, enabling higher reading accuracy when played back in any CD player (this also reduces disc duration by 9 to 12 minutes). Whether through reduced reliance on error-correction circuitry or simply reduced strain for a player's servo system, easier disc reads have been shown to result in better sound.

Using the recorder's bookmark feature you can mark and save a sequence of up to 99 tracks in a playlist or "album." You can save up to 999 albums--different combinations of tracks from the HDD's 120 hours of stored material--for later playback at any time. It's like making different mixed CDs without having to actually generate CDs in order to hear them (though you can always make CDs of them if you wish).

Inputs and outputs include optical and coaxial digital-audio inputs/outputs and one each stereo analog (left/right) RCA line-level input and output. You can feed the recorder digital-audio signals from minidisc or DAT recorded at 32, 48, or even 96 kHz sampling rates, and the unit will sample-rate convert the audio to CD's native 44.1 kHz on the spot.

For compliance with legislation relating to unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, Yamaha's CDR-HD1300 uses the Serial Copy Management System (SCMS), which lets you make first-generation digital copies from original, copyright-protected CDs, but prevents your making a digital copy of a digital copy. This CD recorder actually lets you sidestep this feature by copying a digitally copied track from a CD onto the HDD and then "moving" it onto a new recordable CD (whereupon the track is wiped from the HDD).

Other features include a Jog Dial for super-fast music access, high-quality 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, an onscreen display (composite- and S-video outputs), a synchronized-recording mode, timer recording compatibility, and both digital and analog recording-level controls.

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