Wadia Digital 830

Audiophile CD Player

In good condition. Original box and packing not included. Manual is availble on line. Factory remote IS included. Circa 1999-2000

Lots of rave reviews on the CD Player:

"The Wadia 830 is an excellent CD player, in my opinion, and worthy of a Class A rating. Its performance was excellent on all accounts, and its precision—temporal, spatial, and timbral—truly outstanding. The result is a detailed, captivating presentation that manages to be both unusually vivid and very natural. I don't have a great deal of experience with the very best digital systems available, but I have heard several. I'd strongly urge anyone considering a top-drawer CD system to audition the 830. Approached from that direction, it may be one of the best bargains in audio. If, on the other hand, you're like I was—convinced that one of the hot $1500 players is all you really want or need—I recommend that you steer clear of the Wadia 830. You might lose your grip on those convictions and find your world turned upside-down. The 830 isn't just better than the best midpriced players, or even lots better—it's fundamentally better. The difference will move your entire system a small but profound step closer to the real thing. The bottom line is that the Wadia 830 played a decisive role in another of my audio epiphanies; it's going to be hard, if not impossible, to give it up." - Stereophile Magazine

"So what do you get here for your audio dollar? More than I bargained for, certainly. I found the Wadia 830 CD player to be an achievement in both musical and technical design. I was consistently moved by the way the 830 conveyed the essence of music. This Wadia player has an understated ability to tap into the rhythmic core of jazz and blues. Its vibrant reproduction of instrumental timbre, incisive transient delivery and unfettered extension represent benchmark value at the 830's price point. Throw in a thoroughly modular design, digital volume control and rock-solid build quality and you have a player that demands to be heard. The fact that the 830 in its accessorized form is ready for 24/96 replay is much more than just frosting on the cake. As I’ve found with other high-performance digital products, the 830 is responsive to its surroundings and signal cables. Matching the 830 player optimally to a system and ancillaries will ensure that it performs beyond its non-meteoric price. - SoundStage!

Music lovers shopping for a safe haven of good sound while waiting out the digital format skirmish would do well to explore the Wadia 830. The way its forward-thinking, modular design serves music will provide solace to the wayward audiophile seeking shelter from the digital Darwinian storm.

Description: Integrated CD player with remote control and digital-domain volume control. D/A conversion and digital filtration: 24-bit, 32x-resampling DigiMaster decoding software, accepts digital inputs of sampling rates up to 96kHz. Standard outputs: 1 set each balanced (RCA) and unbalanced (XLR) analog. Optional outputs: 1 each optical (ST) and S/PDIF (BNC) digital. Optional inputs: 4 digital inputs, 2 each optical (1 ST, 1 TosLink), 2 S/PDIF (BNC). Digital resolution: 21 bits. Digital volume control range: 50dB in 0.5dB increments. Maximum output level: adjustable, 0.3-4.25V. Output impedance: !x15 ohms. Power consumption: 18W. Dimensions: 17" W by 4.75" H by 14.5" D.

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