Transcriptors Skeleton - New Old Stock

Rare Vintage Turntable

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NOS, in excellent condition! Even though arm is mentioned in the attached data sheet images, no arm is included. However the glass top IS included.

The Transcriptors Skeleton 2-Speed Universal Turntable was produced between 1973 and 1977.

The unit employs a low speed synchronous motor on a sprung-suspension motor board.

The Skeleton's platter is driven by a rubber belt providing the best insulation against vibration and rumble.

In order to eliminate any mechanical or electrical shock to the equipment, the on-off switching is accomplished by means of a magnetically actuate reed switch which assures long, trouble-free life.

The Designer was David Gammon manufactured by TRANSCRIPTORS (IRL) Ltd, Carlow Industrial Estate, Ireland.


Platter: 12" diameter, cast and machined, aluminum alloy with 5 silver-plated weights, approx 6.5 ib in weight

Main Bearing: Slim section ball-ended ground and polished steel, supported on a hardened steel thrust plate. Bushing coated with PTFE a material having a lower co-efficient of friction than any other solid.

Motor: 10 Pole synchronous, split-phase, 720rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: nil

Dimensions: 18" x 15.5" x 7"

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