Totem Acoustic Dreamcatcher Center

Center Channel Speaker


The Totem Dreamcatcher Center is an absolute true point source imager that will amaze you at each listening. Its light, stiff, lock mitered jointing and a true monocoque chassis ensure integrity, regardless of abrupt dynamic, temperature or humidity changes. The Dreamcatcher Center’s full-size body is designed for sound-solid performance.

The Dreamcatcher Center creates a holographic, omni-directional sound with superlative, off-axis performance. Its pinpoint imaging eliminates sound shift and makes the Dreamcatcher Center a high-quality transducer that blends and performs admirably.

In good pre-owned condition. Sorry, no original original box and packing, but we promise to pack carefully:)


Design features:

Compact and aesthetic design

High-performance, acoustical finish

Large gauge air core coils

High-level point source imaging


Technical features:

Full mono-shell hand-assembled chassis

Lock mitered cabinet joints

Exclusive, hard-wired crossover

Solid twin-pair, gold-plated terminals

Quality drivers and wiring



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