Thorens TD 125 MK II

Unassuming audiophile turntable


The Thorens TD 125 MKII is only recently gaining traction as a worthy audiophile table. It was one of many turntables that was wounded when the Linn LP12 was released. Make no mistake about it though, this table is a beast. It can be set up to sound amazing and it is a true beauty to look at. This particular one comes with a Grace 707 tonearm. As most of you probably know, that is an ultra low mass tonearm so correct cartridge pairing is critical. The obvious choice is a Shure V15 - a pair that is truly heavenly to listen to. 

The turntable has been tested, inspected and adjusted. The suspension is just right, a new belt has been installed, and the speed controls are perfect. As you will notice in the photos, there are no hinges for the dust cover. It is an unfortunate detail but one that doesn't effect operation. There's also an imperfection on the rear of the DC (please see photo). 

Highly Recommended!

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