Shunyata Research Ztron Cobra

Audiophile 1m RCA Interconnect Cables

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The key feature that differentiated Zitron cables from other Shunyata cables was "signal propagation distortion reduction," or SPDR for short. Shunyata regarded SPDR as a major technical breakthrough and raved about it as follows:

SPDR is the most revolutionary advancement in audio signal transmission --EVER! This technology allows reasonably priced cables to out perform the finest and most expensive audio cables on the planet including cables that are 20 to 30 times their cost.

Here are a few Cobra Zitron interconnect specs:

Shunyata Zitron
20 AWG Coincident Concentric Conductors
100% coverage RFI/EMI shield
CDA-101 Copper
Cohergenic Conductors
Alpha Cryogenic Processed

Inductance: <.15 uf/ft
Capacitance: <28 pf/ft

In gently used pre-owned condition. Original Box included.

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