Rotel RMB 1075

Multi Channel Power Amplifier


This multi-channel power amplifier delivers 120 watts (all channels driven), thanks to a power supply composed of a generous 1,500 VA toroidal transformer and eight 10,000 µf British-made Slit Foil capacitors. 20 output devices, each of which is rated for 130 watts and 15 amperes of current capability, make full use of the supply 's potential. The RMB-1075 's generous headroom and state of the art signal-to-noise measurements ensure unsullied reproduction of the most dynamic as well as the most delicate sonic nuances. Complete with gold plated RCA and DB-25 input connectors, the RMB-1075 is ideally suited for either home theater applications or bi-amped systems optimized for music reproduction. Separate 12 volt "trigger " input and output jacks make this amplifier well suited for fully integrated systems with total remote control capability.

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