Rotel RB-1080

Power Amplifier - 200 Watts Per Channel 


"The RB-1080 rests close to the pinnacle of Rotel's two channel power amplifier designs. Power output of 200 watts per channel (20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 0.03% THD into 8 ohms) is extraordinary. The Rotel-made toroidal transformer feeds separate power supplies for each channel, each with its own rectifiers, voltage regulators, and capacitor banks. Damping factor, at 1,000, shows this amplifier's unparalleled ability to lock onto the most difficult speakers to precisely control diaphragm motion and give you the best sound quality. Switchable balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs provide flexible system interface. Front panel heat sinks add a strikingly dramatic look and serve a functional purpose by enhancing heat dissipation even in cramped environments. And a separate input and output for 12 volt "trigger" signals makes this amplifier well suited for fully integrated systems with total remote control capability."

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