Revel Ultima SUB 30

Amazing Powered Subwoofer


In cool silver/grey color. Nice condition. Original box, packing,and manual are not included.

"I strongly recommend the Revel Ultima Sub 30." - Stereophile magazine

"The Revel Ultima SUB 30 is one of the finest subwoofers money can buy. It has engineering and design behind it that most other speakers companies can only dream of affording. With the Revel Ultima SUB 30, all of the engineering, testing and development deliver you an expensive subwoofer that can rock your world for movie soundtracks with power and add the lowest register of bass to any audiophile speaker system with finesse. Any excellent pair of speakers would likely sound better with a properly tuned Revel Ultima SUB 30 in the system." - Home Theater Review

Revel's Ultima SUB 30 in an active subwoofer, packed with a robust 15-inch driver pointed forward, with a 15-inch passive radiator pointing towards the floor. The radiator allows the SUB 30 to breathe better and move a huge volume of air. The driver designed for the Revel Sub 30 is nothing short of incredible, with a huge magnet and a driver excursion of three full inches. Unlike the trendy small subwoofers on the market, Revel chose to put a beefy class AB 1,000-watt power amplifier inside the SUB 30, which gives a heftier, weightier sound to the woofer, compared to the dynamic but not as authoritative output you get from digital (class D) amplifiers found in lesser though expensive subwoofers.

Detailed Description: Powered subwoofer with auxiliary bass radiator, built-in parametric equalizer, and optional installation software. Drive-unit: 18" ultra-rigid cone of Kevlar, pulp, and alloy composite with inverted metal dome, 15" piston diameter, 3" diameter, four-layer voice-coil, and 4.7kg magnet system. Auxiliary bass radiator: 15" metal cone. Inputs: L/R balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA). Line-level outputs: L/R balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA). High-pass filter: 30-80Hz, variable in 10Hz increments at 12 or 24dB/octave (nondefeatable). Low-pass filter: 30-80Hz, variable in 10Hz increments, at 24 or 48dB/octave slope (defeatable). Equalizer: 3 independent parametric equalizers, each continuously variable from 18Hz to 80Hz, each bandwidth continuously variable from 0.1 to 1.0 octave, level continuously variable from -14dB to 6dB. Power switch selects Automatic (signal sensing) or 12V DC trigger-controlled operation. Trigger inputs: Power connectors for triggering system power on when 12V DC is applied; Music/Film connectors for triggering Contour to Film EQ when 12V DC is applied to terminals. Frequency response: 20-80Hz, -3dB at 18Hz. Total harmonic distortion: not given. Phase: 0-180 degrees, continuously variable. Built-in amplifier: class-AB, 1kW RMS (1.4kW peak). Peak output level: 126dB at 30Hz.
Dimensions: 23.25" (596mm) H by 20" (513mm) W by 23.75" (609mm) D. Volume: 275 in3. Weight: 147 lbs (66.8kg).

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