Powered Subwoofer


The T5 is a sonic powerhouse, delivering true deep bass from a small, elegant cube. Measuring less than a cubic foot, the T5 goes where no other REL can and performs to the high sonic standards REL has set without compromise. Every aspect of the T5 from the amplifier and crossover to the driver and cabinet are made with true REL performance in mind.

In good condition with a few scratches, etc. Original box and packing are not available, but we promise to pack this safely:)

“A special round of applause is owed my current choice for the ideal mini-sub for music lovers. Fast tight, yet tonally replete, with highly defined pitches, the REL T5 is also remarkably extended–stunning so for a single 8” driver in a sealed box. Musical, superbly natural, and robust and durable, as all RELs are, this is a pocket-sized classic!” – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award


Enclosure Type: Sealed box with 8" downward firing steel-chassis woofer
Variable Crossover: 30-120 Hz (Stepped)
In-Room Low Frequency Response: 23Hz @ -6dB
Input Connectors: Neutrik Speakon, RCA low level input, .1/LFE input with separate volume control
Amplifier Type: 125W high current Class A/B
Protection: Over Current, Over Voltage
Dimensions (WHD) 10.5x12x 11.75" (height includes feet, depth includes grille)
Weight: 26 lbs

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