REL R-205

Powered Subwoofer


In nice condition. Gloss Black finish. Original box and packing are not included. Includes Neutrik Speakon™ high-level input for direct connection to amplifier.

REL Acoustics R-Series represents the perfect intersection of style, performance, and size. R-Series is intended to provide its owner with a high performance platform that outperforms the competition, yet provides a level of fit, finish and thoughtfulness long absent from the category. Details, details! It has been said that “God lives in the details”; if that is so then the engineers at REL should consider themselves in good standing. Consider the previously challenging detail of adjusting performance parameters of a sub bass unit. On most competitors’ models, this requires bending over the unit whilst attempting to read the labels on the rear panel upside down! In contrast, the exquisitely crafted control box –sited just below the main body of the R– allows for easy adjustment. Simply remove the thick frosted safety glass security panel (a full 8mm thick), make a few simple adjustments and you’re done.

No phony computers! No fussing about with a microphone and alleged optimization programs that attempt to crudely approximate real world performance for REL. We offer simple, finely calibrated instrumentation-grade controls that make intuitive sense and are easy to operate. Need a higher volume level? We suggest turning up the control cleverly labeled “Hi-Lo Level”. Crossed over just a tad too high for your tastes? Turn down the control labeled “Crossover”. It really is that simple. Many owners report that it took longer to extract the unit from its excellent packing than to set-up their REL. R-Series represents our first use of digital amplifiers; REL having determined that until recently Class-D amps did not offer sufficient control to meet our standards. However, recent advances in the state of the amplifier art have resulted in a range of amplifiers that demonstrate excellent speed and control, especially in the low bass. When partnered with new drivers that are higher in performance, yet lighter in weight than their predecessors, the result is a new level of performance for the category.

Unique R-Series Features
REL R-Series are not traditional subwoofers, but rather true sub-bass systems. The R-Series is designed to augment the performance of “full range” speaker systems and to provide linear response down to below 20Hz. Properly set-up and positioned, they will take advantage of physics and room acoustics to provide deep pressurization as no other subwoofer can. Unique to the REL are its connectivity options. For two-channel audio systems a high-level connection, using the enclosed cable with the Neutrik Speakon connector, is always the first choice. By connecting to the amplifier’s speaker outputs the sonic signature of the entire amplification chain is folded into the signal for the sub, thereby keeping timing and timbre cues consistent. Additionally, a low-level connection using RCA inputs is always an option, should high-level connection not be possible. In a surround system where both high-level and low-level connection is used, the REL R-Series provides individual inputs and gain control for both the Neutrik high level and .1/LFE input allowing accurate signal blend and balance.

All R-Series models feature a front mounted control box where gain, crossover and phase adjustment reside. The location of these controls allow for easy access when performing set-up and a glass security panel can be affixed to prevent tampering. Additionally, this box can be removed from the enclosure along with the feet to effectively reduce the enclosure’s size. This is most useful in a custom installation situation.


200W high current Class D amplifier

Sealed enclosure with heavy-duty 10” long-throw driver

Continuous crossover 25-100 Hz

Neutrik Speakon™ high-level input for direct connection to amplifier

RCA low level input, .1/LFE input with separate volume control

Control box located under the enclosure provides easy access to gain controls and phase reversal switch

Control panel frosted glass security panel which, when fitted, secures settings (optional)

Hand-rubbed black lacquer finish

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