Rega Radio 3

Remote Controlled Audiophile AM/FM Tuner


In very nice condition. Includes remote control. Original box, packing, and manual are not included.

The Rega Radio 3 will re-introduce you to just how excellent radio can sound. A crisp, articulate high end, and powerful, authoritative bass response will have you wondering how a tuner ever sounded this good. The Radio 3's redesigned front panel follows suit from the previous Rega Radio 2000, which embodies an increased display panel size, and the same Vacuum Fluorescent Display as the Planet CD player. The control buttons have been ergonomically designed for enhanced ease of use. The Radio 3 offers a huge step up in terms of performance, looks and user interfacing. To fully appreciate the quality of the Rega Radio, it's only necessary to switch on, sit back and enjoy the music.

"Overall, we were impressed by the musical and communicative qualities of the Radio 3. It is not fussy about musical styles and indeed handles spoken voice just as confidently...Under poor reception conditions it does about as well as any 'no-frills' tuner we can recall, too and we've no hesitation about giving it a high recommendation."-- Tech Radar


  • 20 preset memories on FM.

  • 20 preset memories on AM.

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).

  • High sonic performance sanyo chip-set.

  • Double tuned detector stage.

  • Ease of use, very simple to program with the improved user interface.

  • High performance front-end.

  • Remarkable Sound Quality.

  • New Technical innovations.

  • Stylish High Quality looks.

  • Rega Custom built extruded aluminum case.

  • Toroidal mains transformer.

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