Rega Planar 3

Iconic Turntable


Little introduction is needed for this classic, fully manual turntable. Fitted with the wonderfully designed and uber-modern RB250 tonearm, this is a great step-up from your typical vintage turntable. Its also a great place to start if you're new to vinyl. Its extremely easy to set up, isn't super finicky about placement, and the tonearm can accept many modern and vintage cartridges. It is also a great turntable if you're the sort that appreciates an upgrade path as there are numerous after-market options - anything from sub-platters to tonearm rewires. While this turntable does not include a cartridge we are a dealer of Ortofon, Grado, Sumiko, and Denon. If you're in the market for a cartridge with this turntable please ask.

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