Quad ESL 63

Iconic Electro-static Speakers


From a 1983 review in Stereophile magazine:

"Warning to Purists: Despite certain qualities about the ESL-63 speakers which you will probably like, Quad equipment is not designed primarily for audiophiles, but for serious-music (call that "classical") listeners who play records more for musical enjoyment than for the sound. Quad's loudspeakers do not reproduce very deep bass and will not play at aurally traumatizing volume levels, and Quad's preamplifier is compromised through the addition of tone controls and filters, all for the purpose of making old, mediocre, and/or worn recordings sound as listenable as possible."

If you've ever heard a pair of Quad speakers you know how awesome they are. Like most of the stuff we sell, we do not need to sell you on these. Lots of folks believe this is one of the most listenable speakers ever produced. Period. Come by and check them out. They won't last long. Fully operational and come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

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