PSB Imagine T3

Floorstanding Loudspeaker


Hand-finished cabinet in book-matched real-wood cherry veneer with a high-gloss varnish in really nice condition with a FULL 5 Year Warranty.  Our gently used store demo comes complete with original box, packing, and manual.   Original price new: $7500! At $5790, this is an AWESOME deal.

Makes a perfect match with the Imagine C3 Center Channel Speaker also for sale!

For audiophiles who demand exceptional value and performance from their tower speakers, PSB presents the premium Imagine T3. Designed for optimum clarity in your listening room, the T3 tower offers clean, well-integrated bass and pinpoint imaging. The speaker’s high power-handling capability, combined with extremely even frequency response and uniform off-axis response, creates an effortless yet impressive and highly detailed soundstage.

Three woofers are better than one: Three 7″ (178mm) woofers are arranged in PSB’s three-woofer transitional array, in which all the woofers combine to produce the longest wavelengths of sound at the lowest frequencies. Each woofer operates in its own individually tuned acoustic chamber to help dampen unwanted cabinet vibration and ensure perfectly balanced bass output. Working together, the three 7″ (178mm) woofers produce beautifully deep and accurate bass.

Music lives in the midrange: To create coherent and natural midrange detail, the Imagine T3 uses a specially developed 5¼” (133mm) midrange driver, which is tuned and isolated in its own sealed chamber. The result is an accurate and unmatched level of realism. This driver has a nearly perfect combination of low distortion, high output capability, and ideal dispersion over its frequency range, allowing it to integrate smoothly with the woofers and tweeter.

High-resolution tweeter: The Imagine T3 utilizes a hand-selected version of PSB’s famous titanium-dome tweeter. This 1″ (25mm) dome features a neodymium magnet, high-temperature voice coil, and ferrofluid cooling, allowing it to keep pace with the high power handling of the rest of the speaker. Years of thoughtful engineering have resulted in a tweeter with extremely smooth response and amazingly low distortion compared with other well-known tweeter designs.

Advanced Driver Technology Reduces Distortion: State-of-the-art technology combined with proven engineering in PSB’s all-new drivers reduce distortion and respond more faithfully to musical transients. Combined with amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley fourth-order crossovers, these advanced drivers offer the lowest distortion and highest power handling of any PSB speaker. That’s saying a lot, since PSB became famous for the 10,000-watt Stratus Gold speaker over 20 years ago.

First impressions matter: Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship combine to create a stunning furniture-like and decor-friendly enclosure for this floorstanding speaker. Designed by renowned industrial designer David Farrage of DF-ID and carefully engineered by PSB, the Imagine T3 employs seven layers of MDF (a dense, non-resonant, wood-based material) and a unique process that employs space-age materials to create a beautifully curved yet acoustically inert structure. Treat your eyes and ears to the Imagine T3.

Frequency response: 24-23,000Hz (±3dB)

Hand-selected 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter with neodymium magnet

5¼” (133mm) compressed-felt/fibreglass-cone midrange with mastic-compound coating

Three 7″ (178mm) compressed-felt/fibreglass-cone woofers with mastic-compound coating

Individually tuned, three-chamber bass-reflex (ported) design

One-piece aluminum base with adjustable spikes and floor protectors

Three sets of gold-plated, five-way binding posts for tri-wiring or tri-amping

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