Pro-Ject RM-5.1 SE



In really nice condition. Original box and packing are not included. Manual is easily found on line. CARTRIDGE is not included. Contact us to pick out the best one for this model.

The RM-5.1 SE makes a stunning design and audio performance statement  with this model. A resonance-optimized platter made from MDF with integrated vinyl mat rests upon an MDF plinth with a suspended motor assembly optimized for low resonance and speed stability. The table incorporates a stainless steel axle that runs on a Teflon bearing plate in a bronze housing for lower wow-and-flutter and superior speed accuracy. Three-point aluminum cone feet further reduce noise and vibration. A fixed headshell 9" carbon fiber tonearm with precision Swiss bearings and rigid carbon fiber arm tube provides superior tracking and cartridge control. Accurate adjustment of both VTA and azimuth is easy. Detachable interconnect cable and a screw down record clamp are included. 14.6"w x 5.7"h x 11.8"d.


Amplifier Connection: MM-Input

Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 rpm (78 RPM Optional)

Record Clamp: Supplied

RCA Phono Jacks: Yes

Rubber-Dampled Aluminum Cone Feet: Yes

Central Metal Block: Yes

Tonearm: Pro-Ject 9cc

Tonearm with Carbon Fiber Armtube: Yes

Effective Tonearm Length: 9 " (230mm)

Effective Tonearm Mass: 8.5g

Overhang: 18mm

Supplied Counterweight: Cartridge weight 6 - 10g

Downforce Range: 10 - 30mN

Speed Variance: ±0.5%

Wow & Flutter: ±0.08%

Signal-to-Noise: -70dB

Platter Weight / Diameter: 1.75kg / 300mm

Power Supply: 16V/500mA AC

Power Consumption: 2W

Dimensions (WHD): 14.6 x 5.7 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 14.4 lbs.

Finish: Dark Grey Piano Lacquer Plinth

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